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Coronavirus: Tips to Take Take Care of Infants

While working in the kitchen simultaneously handling the small babies has always been a tedious task for women! And with this increasing Corona virus and the lockdown period, it has only put the worst icing to the cake!

The only concern that people show these days is how to handle their babies especially toddlers and the ones who come under the age of five years. The infants will never show their stress or emotions but young children would definitely reveal what is going on inside their body or mind.


While here we are talking about the toddlers who are too young to know what viruses are! They are certainly oblivious of the situation, of all kinds of social distancing because they want their mothers all the time; they love to be cuddled with their loved ones. But this increases the concern of course.

Here, we share some tips on how to take care of the babies.

Eating Habits

Make sure they eat lots of green vegetables. If they are unable to chew or eat, you could mix a few vegetables, churn and make a soup out of it. Make them drink plenty of fluids in the form of water and juices. Ditch them little with a pinch of turmeric in their milk. If they see a changed colour of their milk, they might not drink it but a small portion that gives a light yellow colour, will not be known. Make sure when you boil water for them, put one small stick of cinnamon and let them drink it all day.

Cinnamon is a very healthy spice. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Precautions while going out

When it’s a necessity to take your child outside of the home, be it for vaccination or a doctor visit, make sure he or she has his or her mask all the time. If the baby is not wearing masks, try bright coloured masks or handkerchiefs. You could even opt for floral prints if it really attracts them.

 Extra-curricular activities

When the baby is at home all day and night, see the same faces every day one will surely get bored and stressed a lot. It is being suggested that you give much more of your interactive time to them. Try and indulge them into different types of activities. Play some water games with them. Try colouring sheets or arrange stack toys. Open a small pre-school confined only to your kid at home. Get some indoor play tools such as trampoline, mini slides. Play positive Pee-ka-boo games while reading story books at night. Get them a walk on the terrace or balconies and making them water bubbles.

Stress Management

Parenting is hard of course. A parent should stay positive and get some meditation classes. Shift your priorities and expectations to a better living and what makes you get into a calmer, peaceful mode. Reach out to the family or friends through video chats or calls.

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