Coronavirus Safety Tips; The Dos and Don’ts

The dawn of the new decade dragged in a new disease outbreak, which as you know is the coronavirus (COVID – 19). The disease was first detected in late December in the Wuhan province of China and spread to other countries across the world. Despite Wuhan being on lockdown and passengers travelling from China were heavily scrutinised at the airports, the virus could not be contained and has now spread to 77 countries and territories in just two months. While India managed to steer clear from the disease for a reasonably long time given its geographical proximity with China, there are seven confirmed cases as of now, according to the Health Ministry. As the number of cases is inching closer to one lakh and it has advanced to India, we must put ourselves on high alert. 

Vice-chairperson of the Apollo hospitals foundation, Upasana Konidela has appealed to the people to be responsible and report symptoms related to Coronavirus aka Covid-19. Sharing a video on her social platforms, Upasana said Secunderabad Apollo hospitals had detected the coronavirus due to strict screening protocols. The corona virus is transmitted through droplets from sick people and is NOT AIR BORNE.

In the story continued below, we have also included all the Dos and Don’ts as appealed by the Vice-chairperson of the Apollo Hospitals to stay responsible and safe.

What Is Coronavirus?

It is acceptable if you were ignorant of the virus and its symptoms until now, but it is highly crucial to be educated on this as soon as possible. The COVID – 19, the latest version, is a member of the family of coronaviruses and originated from animals. There is no proper treatment or vaccine developed yet, so all you can do is take precautions. Experts from around the globe are trying to figure out potential solutions for this novel virus, and meanwhile, it is necessary to stay on alert. Symptoms of coronavirus generally include cough, fever, cold and breathing difficulties. It may also cause pneumonia. As it shares the symptoms of common cold, do not make a mistake of overlooking anything. It was observed that patients who had a poor immune system and health conditions already, succumbed to the virus and the ones who recovered had strong immunity. It spreads through human contact so avoid contact with strangers, especially in public settings. The virus does not transmit through air. It sticks to solid surfaces and can spread when it comes into contact with another person. 

What Is Your Role?

Have you ever heard this common saying that goes, ‘When you educate a woman, you educate an entire family’? True, isn’t it? While we may choose to not listen to our teachers at school or the thousands of awareness messages we read, we don’t have that option at home. Children, husbands and everyone at home listen to the mother and that is why ladies, you have a crucial role to play in ensuring precautionary practices against the coronavirus. 

Here are a few highly recommended tips to follow to avoid the virus as much as possible. Ensure that all your family members adhere to these until favourable conditions arrive. 

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with a cleanser for at least 20 seconds. 
  2. Cover the nose and mouth while sneezing; make sure to always have a tissue. 
  3. Dispose the tissues responsibly in proper bins. 
  4. Use face masks; although they do not completely block out foreign particles, they do work well against big particles and liquid droplets as well. 
  5. As the symptoms resemble those of common cold, make sure to not overlook and consult the doctor immediately. 
  6. If there is a travel history with any of the countries where the virus is at large, make sure to get screened thoroughly. 
  7. If any member has returned from any of the high risk countries and has flu-like symptoms, it is more urgent to get screened. 
  8. Avoid consuming raw or undercooked meat. 
  9. Keep surroundings clean and wipe with disinfectants frequently. 
  10. Avoid eating outside food / drinks as much as possible. 
  11. Wash clothes regularly and avoid repeating them before washing. 
  12. Bathe thoroughly after you come home from outside. 


Stay safe and spread the word to everyone around you. 

What do you think?

Written by Thrinethra Serman

Thrinethra is a passionate writer, obsessive binge watcher and dog lover. She loves to explore and experience new, exciting stuff and her ultimate goal is to travel the world and share her stories. "The only thing you need to remember is this, 'YOLO', so don't let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dreams".

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