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Cope with Insatiable Food Cravings with Healthy Options

It is said that the longer you can stick to a healthy diet, the more your taste buds gets acclimatize towards it. Even those who have achieved this transition, also claims that still they experience food cravings, but the only difference is that the cravings are for healthier options rather than easy foods.

We all experience food cravings. Usually the foods that we feel the cravings for, satisfies us emotionally whether or not, they have any nutritional value attached to them. Food cravings are the most intense, when you are on a healthier way, just like when the body craves for alcohol while you are on alcohol detoxification.


What to do when we get these cravings?

So, when you undergo these cravings, don’t assume that your body has some inner failure or weakness, instead, deal with it is a healthier way. The first step is to recognize what it is for – may be a habit that you have developed for a long time. Next, you need to understand what it is that you are craving for and lastly before you surrender and give up, strategize your submission.

Follow these below mentioned guidelines after you have discovered the answers of the first two questions – what you are craving for? And, how to satisfy the cravings with falling off balance?

If it is a sweet craving?

Studies have shown that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. If you have been a sweet lover before giving on it and opting healthy living, your body is adopted to the sugar high or may the emotional satisfaction that it provides.

Fruits are the best solution to this type of serious cravings. Just reach out to some dried or fresh fruits and ensure that they don’t have any added sugars. If it is particularly for chocolates or cookies, then try dark chocolate.

What to do in case it is for Salty Foods?

Salt is highly addictive, particularly table salt. The more you reach out for it the more you need. Processed foods on the other hand are loaded with high salt, MSG and other harmful chemicals.

  • The best way to substitute salt is by opting for sea salt immediately and add it to your cooked foods rather than adding salt while cooking. Chips are exactly not the option to satisfy such craving. Instead reach our for veggies that naturally contains sodium like seaweeds, celery, spinach and swiss chard.


What about Cheese and Creamy Foods?

Cashew nuts, macadamia nuts and pine nuts are great substitutes for cheese cravings. Prefer them raw and unsalted and not roasted. Cheese affects the similar way as opiate drugs, as it contain high levels of opiate peptides.

Creamy cravings are more of emotional cravings that gives soothing and comfortable feeling. Try first to overcome it naturally through relaxation and meditation, also if still it’ there, try some smoothies instead.

These are the most common forms of cravings that we all generally go through, but there are cravings for other things also like meat, coffee, soda, breads and many other. The only way to deal with all the cravings is self-discipline and the determination to not give up to them.

Opting for healthier options like salads, green tea, fruit and vegetable smoothies, veg and vegan products like soy, baked and sun dried stuffs.


Remember craving for anything is all because we have earlier been habitual to them, and now that we have decided to adopt the healthier way of living, we should adopt to healthier options. Just allow your body to adopt to them for a few days and you will see that the body will still crave, but for healthy things.

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