Communication Gap in Relationships ? Things You Should Know

Sometimes I wonder what does Communication gap exactly mean — breakdown of communication altogether or lack of understanding, because living in today’s world of internet, Facebook and smartphones, we really can’t complain about no communication!

Too much communication

We often look at our grandparents’ generation or our parents’ generation and wonder what is the secret behind the strong relationship bond their generation shares, considering there were no modes of communication then. Frequent communications were out of question, yet the bond of togetherness remained intact for decades. They say it happened because of mutual understanding. You will often hear them say those days were better, these days nobody cares for each other. After all, too much communication is also dangerous. We have all our friends and relatives at our fingertips, yet, sometimes, we feel lonely and insecure. Why does this happen? Or, though we communicate with our friends, relatives or others on a regular basis, yet no relationship is devoid of complications.

No time for self

We might be discussing loads of issues with all our friends across the globe, but do we have time to think about our own self? Or do we have the time to indulge in healthy face-to-face communication? Often we meet our friends, but we all are busy fiddling with our mobiles. This is called communication gap — being with somebody, yet not being present in the present.

Ultimate disconnection

We often come across couples, they are together, yet far away. While one person is talking, other one is communicating with someone else over the phone. Even while traveling, we are fiddling with our phones and don’t bother to even look at the person sitting next to us. Today, everyone is busy making a career or loads of money, but we don’t have time for each other. While technology should have brought us closer, it’s happening the other way round.

Taking for granted

These days we tend to take our relationships for granted. We fail to understand that getting into a relationship is not like signing a bond or an agreement. Expectation is the prime enemy of any relationship. Relations are built on mutual understandings. So, don’t let relationships go for a toss because of communication gap.

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Written by Priyanka Baheti

Priyanka comes from the land of best beaches, majestic scenery and the quintessential Southern California. Masters in Engineering and mother of two, she believes that education give us way of life to live and family gives Liveness.

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