Classic Shows: Why One Tree Hill Should Be Next On Your Menu

There are a lot of shows we are drawn to. Shows like, How I Met Your Mother, involving grown-up comedy, The Big Bang Theory and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. entertained us with its enticing core.
Ever heard about One Tree Hill?
One Tree Hill is not any play or a musical, not even a mere romance or a sports show. It is a mix-up of all. There are myriad judgments why you should watch OTH, I narrowed down a few.

1. 9 SEASONS You Conduce to Correlate with

Every season unrolled the maturity of every figure and their lives with a lot of twists and surprises. One Tree Hill endured for 10 full years.

2. NATHAN + HALEY A Perfect Couple

A basketball champ Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) falls for a high school genius Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) and switches from a wasted brat to being an excellent husband. Their love story would want you to have the ultimate relationship goals with your companion.

3. LUCAS SCOTT Will Make You Go Gaga Over Him

With his exceptional looks and a hot body, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) has won a lot of hearts. The majority of the episodes of One Tree Hill are roped during his heyday.


You don’t just watch One Tree Hill, you are constrained to feel each and every instant. You conduce to relate with every state that pops up in the lives of every part in this show. This show is without a doubt your paradisiacal go to.


Every episode concludes with a quote which contrives to hit you right in the feels. This show has quotes based on love, compassion, romance, desires, family, break-up, patch-up, art, music, happiness, life, failure, and success, you name it and you have it.

6. One Tree Hill Instills HOPE

Following the personalities deal with all their perturbing life circumstances delivers you hope that you can deal with your prevailing situations with courage.

7. Non-Ignorable BROOKE DAVIS

Brooke Davis (played by Sophia Bush) is the best character in this show. Her expressions can unquestionably aid in mending a broken heart. Her style and poise will make you stay glued to your screens. Her fashion line Clothes over Bros will motivate a lot of you to follow your passion.

8. Art Champ PEYTON

Peyton (Hilarie Burton) draws and treats the rest as doodles on the margins of her paper. Each and every illustration in this show depicts every bit of Peyton’s situation, beautifully outlines on papers. Her character is paired with Lucas and for him her art matters.

One Tree Hill is not just a mere show. It is an adventure. You tend to connect with every situation and character. You will be hooked from the beginning. Start following One Tree Hill and put a full stop to your intrusiveness.
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

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