Is your child confused?

World is changing at a fast pace, which in a way is good, but does not sum up right if we think from kids’ point of view. Today’s kids are not what we used to be like. Today one-year olds are comfortable fiddling with smartphones or ipads or tablets. I have seen five-year olds operating YouTube. It’s amazing, but at the same time slightly disturbing. Are today’s kids missing out on little joys of life? I feel they are smart, but confused and lost. Why is this happening?

Too many choices

These days, in most cases, both the parents are working and are financially sound. Few years back this wasn’t the case. These days, because parents are not able to spend much time with their kids, they compensate that by pampering them and buying new clothes, gadgets, games, food of their choice etc. This makes them spoilt for choice and they never learn how to yearn for things they want.

Too much freedom

These days kids get what they want hence they don’t value things. Also, they don’t have a concept of sharing with siblings or friends as every child gets things on a platter.

Electronics addiction

Kids these days don’t go out and play outdoor games as we used to. They prefer watching TV or playing video games to joining a sport. This makes them lethargic.

Hobby classes

Parents want their kids to be proactive and hence they make them join some hobby class, which is good. But in a bid to make their kids all-rounders, they pressurize them to do well in things that they take up.

kids are smarter, but lack in understanding basic things like:

(1) Giving respect to elders and siblings, that sharing and caring matters.

(2) They prefer being alone rather then be a part of a group.

(3) They are not able to focus on things that they love doing

By giving them too much you are not being a good parent. It’s important to know their point-of-view. Let them have a say. This way they will gain confidence to deal with things in their own way.

What do you think?

Written by Priyanka Baheti

Priyanka comes from the land of best beaches, majestic scenery and the quintessential Southern California. Masters in Engineering and mother of two, she believes that education give us way of life to live and family gives Liveness.

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