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Celebrating Women: This Week’s Top Stories Concerning Women : Mar 7

From Leh to London Fashion Week, we bring you the roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women.

It is the week of celebrating the economic, social, business, and political achievements of women. So, to mark International Women’s Day – here are some stories from around the world – celebrating the spirit of womanhood.

1. Representation of Women in the Parliaments Increases at the Highest-rate

According to the IPU (global organization of national parliaments), the global average of women in parliament has now reached 25.5 per cent. Countries such as Rwanda, Cuba, and the United Arab Emirates showed outstanding results, having already achieved gender parity, with women accounting for 50 per cent or more parliamentary seats. However, other countries are far from achieving gender parity. Mr Chungong, IPU Secretary-General, pointed out that it will take close to 50 years to achieve gender parity at this rate. The overall proportion has increased by 0.6% when compared to the previous year. Even though the rate of representation needs to be accelerated, it still showcases a step towards a positive direction.

2. Leh’s Namza Couture in London Fashion Week

Namza cafe and couture - Instagram
Namza cafe and couture – Instagram

Padma Yangchan and Jigmet Disket (owners of Namza Couture) were recently invited to London Fashion Week to display their fine-fabrics and designs. With the help of their startup, the duo has brought forward the Ladakhi textiles like Nambu and Spuruks, to an international platform. Although Ladakh is known for Pashmina, Padma and Jigmet wanted to take a different approach and appreciate other heritage textiles – they chose camel wool, Nambu (sheep wool), and Khulu (Yak wool). Their modern designs blend naturally with heritage Ladakhi wool.

Namza cafe and couture - Instagram
Namza cafe and couture – Instagram

3. Meghan Markle to Finally Tell Her Story in the Upcoming Oprah Interview

After going through a tumultuous and stressful time in Britain, breaking up with the royal family, and shifting to the United States, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will finally emerge at the interview with leading personality Oprah to discuss their royal journey. Viewers are keenly predicting the opening of a can of worms. Meghan Markle is a woman of colour and widely celebrated for her courage and warm personality. The English press was particularly harsh on her with absurd articles about her looks and pregnancy. The couple broke apart from the royal family after the press fiasco and highlighted the importance of mental health. After the royal-breakup, Meghan has been very vocal about mental health and has also been brave enough to publically say – “Not many people have asked if I am okay.” In a snippet from the interview, Meghan talks about the hurdles that she faced to make her own choices because of the royal staff.

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