Celebrating Chocolate Day, every day!

This week is Chocolate Week! But who needs a reason to celebrate chocolate? We like to believe every day is Chocolate Day!

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn’t make you want to drown in the River of Chocolate, then read no further into this!

On this occasion we decided to talk to Deepa Jain, a well-known patisserie chef and founder of which partners with the best restaurants in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi to design exclusive culinary experiences for its customers about her journey in the food industry.deepa jain

1.How did you venture into the space of providing people a fine dining experience with

I’ve come from HR background working as a recruiter for some time, after I got married I decided to take a break from HR. During this period, I started making gift hampers for Diwali, ran a Mobile app for 2 years and doing a lot of baking orders.

My husband and I would often eat out a lot and the long waiting would thoroughly ruin our evening. Hence we decided to start our own venture, which would take care of these details and offer an experience to its customers through us.

2.We’ve seen trends come and go with donuts, cupcakes, and the latest obsession macaroons doing the rounds. What according to you will be the next trendsetter in the market?

There’s a craze abroad for cookie cups which are basically shot glasses filled with milk and cookies and confetti-filled glasses which can be had in one shot. I’m pretty sure it will be a hit in the market once it’s introduced here.

3.What can we expect for the next big festive season Christmas and New Year’s?

Elaborate restaurants menus curated by us so that you can enjoy your dining experience without the hassle of waiting for long hours.

4.What is your take on the Patisserie industry today?

The amount of awareness among the people is increasing every day. They are willing to experiment with their culinary experiences. This is only going to give the food industry a boom. The more the demand, more innovation can happen. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this today!

5.What is your specialisation?

I make low calorie desserts and also festive hampers which can be given out for Diwali and other such festivities.

What do you think?

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