Cancer: The Deadly Disease

Cancer: Statistics Speaks

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. In 2017 it is estimated that there will be approximately 1,688,780 new cancer patients and 60,000 cancer deaths only in the United States. These statistics are giving us an idea that by what tremendous ratio the deadly disease is spreading all over the world. There are almost 200 different types of cancer and it is predicted that within next 5 years we will be having again some new and rare types of cancer. One of the most common cancer types is breast and lungs cancer. Cancer is one such disease which is found in different age group. It can be seen in men, women and even on children. Before the figures frighten you let’s have a clear picture of what is cancer actually?

What is cancer?

Cancer in simplest terms can be defined as uncontrolled growth of cells. Anything which causes a normal cell to develop abnormally can lead to cancer. This is one of the most simple causes of cancer. Other than this cancer can also occur owing to the exposure of some chemical radiations, some chemical and material toxic waste can also cause cancer. Complications in human genetics are also seen as one of the cancer causes. We all know tobacco and exposure to any type of nicotine contributes greatly to cancer. Other than this environmental factors, race, gender, and diet also affect the incidence of cancer.

When we talk about symptoms of cancer then it also varies from person to person. Some cancer suffering patients might not show any external symptoms. Whereas some of them can show very common and basic symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, tiredness and likewise. But the symptoms of cancer vary from the type of cancer too. And it is not easy to recognize a cancer symptom. Thus, the best way is to get a health check-up at regular intervals. And also if you see any strange symptom in your body for quite a long time then rather than living with it, immediately visit the doctor.

Cancer can be diagnosed in a number of different ways but one of the most definite and highly recommended ways to diagnose cancer is the biopsy. Through biopsy results, you can determine the stages of cancer. Stages of cancer is very important to be determined because this forms the basis for treatment. Also, through biopsy, you will be able to know that to what extent has cancer spread in your body.

Treatment pattern also differs highly in cancer. But some of the most common cancer treatments are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Other than this Palliative therapy which includes medical care and treatment to reduce the symptoms of a disease and does not allow the disease also to spread further. This aims to improve the quality and standard of life among the cancer patients. Anti-pain and anti-nausea medications are also provided to cancer patients.


One of the most common questions which cancer patients or their family members have is are the home remedies effective against cancer? Although there is no scientific evidence of the same but time and again it has been seen that if you are in the early stages of cancer then a healthy diet and some home remedies can help to reduce the symptoms of cancer. Consuming broccoli, soybeans, green tea, aloe vera, grapes are extremely rich in vitamins and thus they are helpful in reducing cancer symptoms. Doctors always advise having a healthy and completely balanced diet. Also, regular exercises and fat burning activities are advised to treat early signs of cancer. But you must remember that before trying any other specific home remedy for cancer, you must discuss the same with your doctor.

Now, the million dollar question is cancer treatable?

Well, yes thanks to the technology and medical advancement most of the cancers are treatable today. But the key lies in timely detection of the disease. As early you are able to diagnose cancer, the chances of treating the same are extremely high.

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