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Saturday Dinner Recipe : Broccoli stir-fry with vegetables

We’ve got a super yummy dinner recipe to jazz up your weekend. All you need to do is mix match ingredients and vegetables you like and toss it over noodles.

Ingredients :
1) 2 small bunches of broccoli with stems peeled and chopped
2) cleaned and sliced mushrooms (2cups)
3) 3 garlic cloves
4) oil, 1 tablespoon
5) soy-sauce, 2tablespoons
6) pinch of sugar
7) sweet chilli sauce, 2tsps
8) 1tablespoon cornstarch in 2tablespoon water
9) sesame oil, 1tsp
10) sesame seeds, 1/4th cup
11) 2 bundles of rice noodles.broccoli with stir fried vegetables

1) cook noodles in salted boiling water
2) drain cooked noodles and set aside
3) heat oil in a large pan and sauté the minced garlic
4) after 2-3mins add mushrooms (can also add celery and carrots) 5) cook they become soft and release juices 6) add broccoli and stir
7) pour 3-4tablespoons of water and cover
8) cook till broccoli turns vibrant green in colour
9) remove lid and add chilli sauce, mirin and soy sauce
10) mix them well and then add cornstarch and water and immediately
11) remove from heat when the sauce starts to thicken
12) add sesame seeds and oil
13) mix noodles
14) add more soy sauce and chilli sauce if needed while mixing the noodles.

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Written by Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life

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