Decorate Your Home with the Creations of Indian artisan

India has always been known as the land of creative minds. The famous monuments the carvings on them that can be seen almost all over the country reflect the aesthetic tastes of different dynasties that have ruled different states in India. Let’s see which states are more prominent in the field of art and crafts that have earned a name for India all over the world.


The artistic creations from this state dates back to the time of the Rajput dynasty. Skills of the Rajasthani artisans are seen in the beautiful painting, embellishment and puppetry. For decorating you house Rajasthan brings you modern furniture made of teak wood and wrought iron. The collection of furniture includes dining tables, wooden chairs, coffee tables and wooden cabinets and drawers. Apart from these you have silver articles, stone crafts and bone inlays as decorative items to give your living room a touch of Rajasthan.


Being very close to Rajasthan, the state of Gujarat shows close similarity in cultural aspects with that seen in Rajasthan. Gujarat is known for its methods of textile production. Bring a burst of colour in your wardrobe with the kurta, cholis, skirts, slawars and jackets. Apart from this, you also have the dupattas and ghagras. Those obsesses with sarees can go for the patola silk sarees which is weaved out of the famous patola silk produced in Gujarat. Gujarat also brings you items like metalwork items, colourful linens, baked clay articles, leather work and even mirror work to decorate your home.

Crafts from Assam

The famous product made out of cane and bamboo is the famous jaapi which is a traditional sunshade. There are two townships located near Guwahati – Sarthebari and Hajo. Here you will beautiful artwork on brass and bell-metal. Assam handloom is well known for fabrics like muga, pat and eri. Muga is a wild silk which rich golden in colour. The others that draw tourists are the exclusive woodwork, masks, jewellery and toys.

Crafts from the South

The southern part of India brings you exclusive work on the red sandalwood which is also known as raktachandan. You get paper knives, dainty boxes and cutlery carved out of it. You also get decorative items like images, elephants and furniture made of rosewood. Sandalwood items have creepers, birds, flowers and animals carved on them. You also get Kanchipuran sarees from Tamil Nadu and Kothakota and Gadwal which are beautifully designed cotton sarees from Andhra Pradesh. Apart from these you get blouse pieces, temple hangings and pottery that will leave you awestruck.

These are unique creations. Art helps you preserve the memories of your unforgettable journeys across a lovely country like India.

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