Bridal Shopping – What to Splurge On And What Not To

A wedding is an expensive affair and more often than not and shopping for It can be a big pain! To figure out how much to spend on what can be nerve wracking and we’re here to help. We’re breaking down the costs for you. Where to splurge and where not to!

ClothesWedding Lehnga

Mehendi – Hold your horses here, as you can be a bit stingy here. Keep the Mehendi lehenga simple and comfortable, and therefore, in budget, because Mehendi is a long and tiring process and you are not going to want to deal with all the frills and tassels and the heaviness of it, halfway through the process. A colourful lehenga or Anarkali with a nice border should do the trick here.

Sangeet – Take the middle path here. While it is important to stand out as a bride, it also makes sense to keep the work on your lehenga light since you are going to be dancing the night away. When the work on a lehenga is reduced, the costs drastically come down too. So keep the embroidery light but make sure to get a good ‘ghera’ so it looks beautiful when you twirl!

Wedding – Splurge, but smartly. Make sure the various elements, especially the dupatta and choli can be paired with different outfits also.


Splurge, but on comfort! While it’s obviously important to go for a good looking pair, it’s more important to get one that’s comfortable and that can keep your feet happy for long hours! If you’re getting comfortable shoes at a little extra cost, go for it!Wedding Jewellry


Mehendi – Floral jewellery is very much in right now, and it isn’t going to cost you a bomb, especially when compared to regular jewellery. However, if you’re not a fan of the same, splurge on one big item of jewellery ONLY. Preferably earrings or a maang-teeka.

Sangeet – Save here. Not only is it wise to keep your jewellery light here because you’ll be dancing, wear artificial jewellery too, especially because you jewellery can tend to go missing while you’re dancing the night away. You don’t want to end the night with a case of a missing diamond earring, do you?

Wedding– Now this is where you have your free pass! Go on and splurge. And if you don’t have an unending budget, but want to still go big on the wedding jewellery, put your money in, in the right places. Keep the necklace, earrings, maang-teeka and bangles real, while opting to go the artificial way when it comes to the pieces you probably won’t wear again. Example: Nose ring, haath phool (the bangle and ring connecters), etc.

Make Up

Get ready to loosen your purse strings here because you do not want to look like a ghost during your wedding. Indian skin tone isn’t the easiest when it comes to deal with when it comes to makeup and, therefore, make sure to choose someone who can really make you look your best on your big day! It might be pricey, but it’ll be completely worth it!

Bollywood Bride Inspiration 

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So there, you have it! We hope we helped. Good luck and happy shopping

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