Braun Epilator – My Experience

A couple of months back, I picked up a Braun Epilator and since then, I’ve received a whole lot of questions asking me about my experience with epilating and how it compares to waxing or shaving. Realizing that a  whole lot of girls are actually interested in knowing more, I decided to pen down my experience.

Please note: I’m not calling this a review because I haven’t used other epilators much and hence have no benchmark to decide how good or bad this product fares as per industry standards.

Let’s get into the details.

The Product:

Braun Silk Epil 3 (Purple). The product comes with 2 speeds for epilating.


Why I Decided To Make The Purchase

With summers around, I hated the idea of having to wait for weeks for my hair to grow to a “waxable” length only to go waxing, wear skirts and sleeveless tops for a week or two and then go back to the “waxing wait”. In short, I wanted to be able to have smooth skin whenever I wanted.

Oh, and I’m also lazy and hate the trip to the parlour.

PS: I don’t shave as it doesn’t suit my skin.



The First Question – Pain & How Much?

Pain levels is something everyone wants to know first. Well, quite obviously, everyone has different pain levels and I would say mine is about average.

The first few times I did it, it really hurt for the first 5 to 10 minutes. Thereafter, I just got used to the pain. Now, I epilate every once a week, so the hair are pretty small and hence, those first 5 to 10 minutes are relatively more bearable.

Areas matter too. For example: When I’m epilating my legs, shins aren’t too painful but the thighs are. Underarms are obviously the most painful and I often find myself singing loudly to distract myself from the pain.

The key is to not let the hair grow too much. So now that I’ve started doing it every week (well, mostly), the hair are small and not so much so it hurts lesser.


Quality Of The Removal

While it’s definitely workable, I surely wasn’t left with the smooth skin I’m left after I wax. Underarms top the list in quality of removal but hands and legs are never fully smooth. However, it’s enough to allow me to wear dresses and sleeveless stuff. The epilator also often does not pick out small hair.

I doubt this is a product shortcoming because I did speak to a friend (who owned a different brand of epilator) who also said that she usually goes in for a waxing session every 4-6 months for a complete clean up because epilators don’t really clean out 100%.

Another issue that really interferes with the quality is the fact that it’s really, REALLY easy to miss hair. I usually epilate in my bathroom (hello mess, I do not want you in my room) and what I think are smooth legs, often turn out to have lots of missed hair and patches when I see it in more light. I’ve come to realize you should epilate in a LOT of light. But because I’m not going to epilate anywhere else apart from my bathroom, I’m just going to have to be extra careful and hope no leftover hair come back to haunt me later on.



Unlike shaving, using an epilator is not as quick, contrary to what I initially thought. Full legs, arms, underarms takes me between 30 to 60 minutes and yes, it gets me immensely impatient.


Side Notes

  • I’ve always had ingrown hair, even with waxing, but for some reason, they’re more with epilator. However, I think that could be because of the fact that I don’t let them grow to quite a bit, which I had to do with waxing.
  • My epilator has a massaging roller and I’ve often had to remove it to get a better experience. So if you are picking up a similar one, keep this in mind.
  • My epilator comes with a light so that’s kind of nice.



Final Words

Honestly, the epilator experience hasn’t been 100% happy. I’ve been frustrated and annoyed because of the time it takes, quality of hair removal and sometimes, the sheer effort it takes to get some hair out (I’m looking at you, tiny hair on the knee), but I love it at the end of the day because I’m getting to wear what I want, whenever I want. No more waiting for “waxable hair length” and no more long trips to the parlour for waxing. Well, mostly.





What do you think?

Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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