Bollywood Actors And Their Biggest Fears

We all have fears and that is what makes us human. But did you ever wonder what are the biggest fears of Bollywood stars? They are also human and they are bound to be gripped by fears over something or the other. Lets find out what the biggest fears of Bollywood’s top celebrities from Alia Bhatt, Ayushmann Khurrana, Sushant Singh Rajput to Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are.

Aamir Khan

The actor’s biggest fear is losing someone close to him.

He says,

“My single biggest fear is about losing someone who is extremely close to me.”

Shahrukh Khan

The badshah has a fear of doing boring and mundane movies. Shahrukh say,

“My biggest fear is what if I became mundane and start doing boring things and films. I get very scared at times what I start doing mundane films.”

Alia Bhatt

Alia’s biggest fear is the fear of failure. She says,

“I have feared failure since I was in the fourth grade. I lost a race and that’s the only race that I lost in school. I couldn’t believe it and I kept blaming the race for feeling that way. I was so unhappy that I told myself that it was a stupid book balancing race, it wasn’t even a real race, that’s why I lost. It’s not that I have not seen defeat, I have, which is why I am very competitive.”

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam’s biggest fear is not living upto his father’s name. In her own words, Sonam says,

“I have a lot of fears but the biggest is not to live up to my father’s name. Everybody reminds me of this every day. I face this fear every day. People say, ‘Oh she is Anil Kapoor’s daughter. Is she?”

She adds,

“It is heartbreaking but at the same time it gives me strength because I love being my father’s daughter and I don’t want anyone to make me feel like it is a burden. He has worked very hard to give me everything that I want. My father has always worked for the family. That’s my fear.”

Sushant Singh Rajput

The actor’s biggest fear is the fear of losing his loved ones. He said that he lost his mother when he was still young and it changed everything in his life. He said,

My biggest fear is losing my loved ones. I lost my mother when I was very young and I was not expecting it. I was not ready for it. Of course, nobody would be ready for something like that but, when it happened suddenly, it changed everything in my life. Then you realise how temporary everything is and there is one truth and that is: everything is going to change whether good or bad. The only thing we strive for is permanence and security which doesn’t happen, so there is conflict.

Ayushmann Khurrana

In a video, Ayushmann revealed his biggest fear is being too objective or probably being too critical or cynical about the Indian cinema. He said,

“I don’t want to lose that honesty and child like quality of a common man in the audience.”

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