Body Piercings – Custom, Fashion and Much More

Body piercings, especially on the nose and ear, are more common in India than any other country. While in India, it has religious and cultural traditions attached to these practices, it is seen as a fashion statement in other parts of the world; piercings symbolise a rebellious and eccentric nature. Apart from India, piercings are also common among tribes and natives of Africa and the Americas, though it has decreased after westernisation.

All Indian women, Hindus especially have piercings on their ear and sometimes nose as well. Contrary to the rest of the world, people find it strange here if an Indian woman does not have her ears pierced. We all have pierced ears, and we continue doing so to the newer generations as well. But do you know or have you ever questioned why we follow this custom?

Acupuncture, as we know, is the practice of healing and enhancing the flow of energy in the body by applying pressure to specific points on the body. The practice believes that any disease or discomfort can be healed by stimulating the associated pressure point. The ear is considered as a microsystem as it has links with all the vital organs and parts of the body.


Ear Piercings

The custom of piercing ears in India is called ‘karna vedha’ and has references in ancient texts related to Ayurveda and acupuncture. There are multiple points on the ear, which are pierced and offer various benefits. The typical ear piercing is done at a very young age, and this point is connected to the left brain; the left brain thus stays activated and is the seat for logic, analytics, mathematics and language. It also enhances eyesight and reduces migraines. The blood circulation in the body is improved, which ensures the optimum functioning of the brain and memory. 

This custom is for both boys and girls, but while girls keep the piercings throughout their lives, boys remove it two to three years after it was done. It helps in preventing the swelling of testicles and influences the production of healthy sperm in men. In women, it helps to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and improves reproductive health and organs. The left side of the body is linked with reproductive components of the female. It helps to relieve pain during childbirth to a significant extent and also enhances overall vitality. 

Nose Piercings

Piercings on the left side of the nose have physical and energy benefits, especially for women. It helps to stimulate the stomach and spleen, thereby aiding digestion. It also strengthens the reproductive organs and reduces pain during menstruation. It is also found that it eases childbirth to an extent. A common belief is that women with pierced noses are less vulnerable to seduction! In some cultures, women pierce their noses before marriage to honour Goddess Parvati. 

Nose piercings also offer healing for the mind. After a traumatic event or rough mental phase, nose piercings help to enhance positive energy and wellbeing. 

Navel Piercings (No!)

Belly button piercings may seem cool to flaunt on social media, but they are not as beneficial as other piercings. Not everybody can accommodate this type of piercing. It may lead to infections and allergic reactions. Sometimes if the person does not have a suitable belly flap, the piercing might tear out after a while and can be extremely painful. Removal of the piercing can cause a permanent scar. 

From an acupuncture point of view, it is not advisable. It has the potential to cause infertility, immune disorders and endometriosis. It obstructs the flow of energy in the passage known as the conception vessel, which has strong reproductive links. So make sure you are well informed before making this decision. 

Tongue And Lip Piercings

While it seems very hot and trendy, you must know that piercings in these areas can have adverse effects on the functioning of the liver, stomach, spleen and intestine; these are very important organs that aid digestion and other essential processes. It was prevalent in the Aztec cultures as a form of ritual and sacrifice to the Gods. Apart from a new and exciting sexual advantage, it does not have other health benefits. It also puts you at risk of blood diseases and infection to tongue and gums. 

Eyebrow Piercings

Along with tongue, lip and navel, eyebrow piercings are also not recommended. They look fashionable, but that’s about it. It is believed to attract negative and distressing energy to self and also emit ego rings. Nevertheless, it is becoming prevalent nowadays, especially as a form of self-expression. So if you are planning to get one, make sure you do enough research. 


  • Certain points in the body are positive sites for piercings and provide various health benefits. 
  • However, there are some points you must avoid, so make sure you make informed decisions. 

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Written by Thrinethra Serman

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