Black To White: Spectrum Of Beauty

Black or white we are one and the sooner we acknowledge the simple fact that we did not choose to be where we are and the color of our skin the world would by far be a better place for us all.

Racism is the biggest epidemic in the world today and I can say this with all manner of proof. From the black woman being mistreated in places where she is not a member of that society to other racial types been neglected and disrespected just by the color of their skin.

A perfect example of these acts are sexism, racism, gender racism not to forget domestic violence. but I would be focusing on the first three as they address the issue I would be talking about.

When we talk about sexism this affects not just the blacks, asians or whites it affects all races as this talks about the act of discrimination towards a certain gender.

The man feels that his office is not a suitable place for a woman to work and as such he maltreats and oppresses the female staff making her working experience quite unbearable.

Racism on the other hand is the discrimination and unruly behaviour towards a particular race. There was a story of an incident that took place in Canada where a white woman refused her son to be attended to by the black doctor on duty that day, now imagine if the boy had died to that illness then she would have literally killed her son based on the pointless reason that she could not let her son be treated by a doctor based on the color of the doctors skin.

The list goes on and on , I can go on talking about instances where people of a different race are given less attention or harsh treatment due to their race, skin color and religion.

One important factor we should all know is that no one is born a racist but we begin to hate a race, skin color or religion of a person when we are told or taught to however like I wrote earlier we are one people on the same planet, race, religion or orientation are the only factors that have separated us.

The King of pop Late Micheal Jackson wrote a song “black and white” and he stressed in this song that be you black or white you we are one , one family , you are my brother and my sister and we should get rid of being stigmatized and stick to together as one big family.

Asian, African, European or bi-racial there is the need for us to be together and a leads preach and kick against racism, sexism and matreating people from different races.

What do you think?

Written by Lalana Suvarna

Lalana suvarna is a commerce professional, her interests include reading, eating and writing.

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