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9 Best Vegan Restaurants to Visit on a Date

Today we have compiled the list of the best vegan restaurants around the world that you should visit on a date. Let’s not waste any time and jump right into it.

Dirt Candy (New York, United States)

The chance to stumble upon a vegetarian restaurant in New York is much higher than in any other US city.However, there is no other place like Dirt Candy in the whole of NY.Since its opening in 2008, the title of New York’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant has been attached to it. The thing is that the author’s cuisine is presented here, and not traditional dishes, where meat is replaced by vegetable products.True, there are only nine tables in Dirt Candy, so the seats here must be booked in advance. But visitors are ready to wait for sophisticated dishes with unique ingredients. They especially like smoked feta tomato pie.

Food for Thought (London, UK)

In 2009, PETA called London the friendliest city for vegetarians. Since then, nothing much has changed. There are more than 130 vegetarian and vegan restaurants.Among such a large variety, we have chosen, perhaps, the best institution for lovers of vegetarian food: it’s called Food for Thought, and it’s located in Covent Garden. Here you can find everything from Mexican to Indian dishes, from cheeses to dill buns. All of it is inexpensive and very satisfying to your stomach.

Madras (Chennai, India)

India is considered the birthplace of vegetarianism. And, by the way, representatives of the highest castes of India are the main lovers of vegetarian food. The best restaurant that we know of is called Madras; it is located in the eco-friendly Raintree Hotel in Chennai. This place is loved for its homemade Indian cuisine. Here, you can enjoy crispy lentil crackers, steamed vegetables with rice, served on a banana leaf. This is the perfect place for a date. But if you don’t have someone to visit Madras with, then be sure to visit this dating website where you will be able to meet brides online.

Lotus In Moonlight (Beijing, China)

Finding a calm and quiet place in Beijing’s bustling life is not so easy. Vegetarian Restaurant Lotus in Moonlight is a pleasant exception to this rule. A relaxing atmosphere reigns here, and their food is exceptionally tasty. The restaurant serves the usual dishes, but the meat is skillfully replaced with vegetarian ingredients. One of the recent visitors to the restaurant wrote, “I am a vegetarian with forty years of experience, but the dishes in this restaurant were the best I’ve ever tried.”

Natural Selection (Portland, Oregon, USA)

From vegetarian/vegan hotels to the only vegan shopping center in the world: it’s obvious that Portland hits the mark when it comes to places for non-animal food lovers. One of the most interesting restaurants here is Natural Selection. It is decorated in European style, and seasonal vegetables and products for it are brought all the way from

France, Italy, and Spain.

Here, you can try mushroom dumplings, caramelized cauliflower with polenta and much more. The menu is updated every week.

The Acorn (Vancouver, Canada)

Over the past year, in Vancouver, a large number of excellent restaurants with vegetable food has opened their doors. One of them is The Acorn; it became the first vegetarian establishment to be in the top 10 best new
restaurants according to Air Canada magazine En Route. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free lovers, and cheese eaters can enjoy dishes made from seasonal fruits, vegetables, and legumes. At the same time, they are all so skillfully decorated that it seems as if this food came from a museum.

Royale Eatery (Cape Town, South Africa)

Even fast food can be healthy if it is vegetarian. This proves the main rival of McDonald’s in Cape Town – the restaurant called Royale Eatery. It offers delicious vegetarian fast food dishes, and more specifically, more than 50
types of hamburgers. It is not surprising that it is always stacked with customers. “We are preparing hamburgers but not just your regular hamburgers – but only those that touch your soul” – this is precisely the slogan of the institution.

Hangwachae (Seoul, South Korea)

And although in Seoul it is better to clarify whether there is any meat in the dishes for a second time; nevertheless, vegetarian food is quite common here. The best establishment in Seoul is Hangwachae. The main attraction of it is Korean herbal soup, and oh man… there is nothing like it in the world.

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