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Best Holiday Destinations This Christmas

The carving of snowmen, the smell of ginger breads, the kisses under the mistletoe and chanting of jingle bells, for Christmas brings joy and blessings from the heavens above and fills the soul with tranquility, this holiday season, celebrate each day with the most beloved all time at these holiday classic vacation destinations.

In some countries the holidays are celebrated in such splendor while some take it to a next level, with structural architecture, winter breeze, smell of roasted chicken, the choir singing carols and feasting with family and friends, brings back all the cheerful memories we make each year. I can assure you that a trip to one of these places would not only bring back memories but give you that perfect holiday experience and relaxation you have always wanted.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital city of Prague, celebrates Christmas in a glamorous and unique way. Known to be the Gothic fairy tale of Europe, they offer a remarkable backdrop for scented mulled wine and wild Christmas shopping.
Prague is very chilly, so make sure you’re stuffed while walking around but for visitors that have heard stories of ghosts that are from times past and still on the loose, you might get extra chilly. Another beautiful attraction are the Gothic buildings that are covered in fresh snow.

Winter in the Czech capital is crisp and chilly, but walking down its cobbled alleys that whisper about ghosts of a tumultuous past, along gorgeous Gothic buildings covered in fresh snow, is like stepping into a Christmas card.

Prague’s Christmas markets are no doubt one of the most famous in the world, giving tourists a perfect opportunity to discover delicious delicacies and cuisines that this, a central European country, has to offer.

Vienna, Austria

Markovskiy /

Vienna celebrates Christmas with elegance and splendor, there you’ll find beautiful Christmas markets, legendary cafe and it’s streets are filled with that touch of old-world charm found on the streets giving the city that magical look. Vienna is an Architectural city with structures guaranteed to make you marvel. This vintage Christmas, wrapped in it’s pure Austrian culture, is sure to put you in a Christmas Fairytale!

Cologne, Germany

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Also known as Köln, Cologne is popular for its astonishing cathedral, a Gothic edifice that dominates the city in more than one way.

From the end of November till New Year’s Eve, the largest city on the Rhine, known to be the birthplace of mulled wine, would host no less than 7 Christmas fairs, some of which are uniquely themed, while others are just authentic and steeped in tradition.
Cologne is regarded by many to have some of the best christmas markets in Germany, there is more than one major attraction in Cologne and you are sure to have a swell time when you visit this city during the yuletide season.

Tallinn, Estonia

From the Town Hall Square this UNESCO-protected town has the medieval look that seems to come out a child’s storybook. The Estonia City of Tallinn is a beauty to behold all year round. However winter is what makes this city even more unique. Talinn is the city of the first public Christmas tree that was erected in the Town Hall Square, dating back to 1441.

Tallinn’s Christmas Market is one of the most enchanting and authentic in Europe in it’s entirety. You have lantern-draped stalls that sell everything from woolly hats and hand-carved wooden ornaments to Estonian classic cuisine and beverages.

Did you know that Tallinn is the homeland of Marzipan? well if you have a sweet tooth you would love the Kalev Marzipan Museum Room where you can make your own delicious and sumptuous figurines.

Further winter attractions are the outdoor ice-skating on Harju Street, Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum, and a roster of quirky yuletide-themed events.

These place are some of the best places for one to visit, this holiday season & live up to the Christmas spirit!

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Written by Lalana Suvarna

Lalana suvarna is a commerce professional, her interests include reading, eating and writing.

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