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Zinc Can Be Beneficial for Your Body. Know-How

Zinc is vital for immune function, metabolism and growth.

Zinc is a micro-nutrient that is essential for many body functions and helps to build a strong immune system. Since it plays a vital role in our body, we must make sure to have a constant supply of this micro-nutrient through our diet or in the form of supplements. A lot of people might not even be aware of zinc and its relation to a strong immune system which eventually ensures a healthier body and this makes it even more important to spread the word. 

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How Does It Benefit?

  • Consumption of zinc can reduce your susceptibility to infections and boost your immune system. 
  • Zinc can be helpful for a person with diabetes. It can help in reducing blood sugar levels and regulation of the same. 
  • If you have acne then zinc may help you to take care of it. Acne is a result of excess oil and bacteria and consumption of zinc can reduce the growth of elements that cause acne. 
  • Consumption of zinc can help in fast healing of wounds. The micro-nutrient plays certain roles that are essential to accelerate the healing process.  
  • With age, our bodies become prone to certain diseases and infections that may not have been severe to have when we were younger. Zinc helps in protecting us from being prone to these infections and certain diseases that come as we age. 

Good Sources of Zinc 

  • Eggs and poultry 
  • Dairy products like cheese, curd, and milk 
  • Nuts and seeds like cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc
  • Vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, etc 
  • Various dals like moong, rajma, masoor dal, chana dal, etc

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However, it is always wise to take a doctor’s advice before including anything in your diet, especially if it’s long-term. There are certain factors to keep in mind like dosage and side effects that are extremely crucial and cannot be ignored at any costs. Therefore, taking a doctor’s help in finding the answers to how much you need to consume and knowing if it is required for you is a must to avoid mishaps.

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