WSL Exclusive : [Video] Belly Dance your way to Fitness!

All of us love to look fit and toned. However, if you wait for your workout sessions to get over as soon as it began, you are among the many who find the gym just so boring. But then, have you heard of belly dancing? I am sure you have, but then did you ever give it a thought?

This form of dancing is not just all about sexy dancers flaunting their washboard abs, cause with a few simple steps, you can pick it up too and just find a super cool way to tone those abs.

Belly dancing is a dance form originally from North Africa and practiced widely in the Middle east. However, it has gained huge popularity in the western countries and of course in a country as diverse as India, women have been picking it up like crazy!

Why Belly Dance?

  • It makes working out fun and something you look forward to
  • If done regularly, it tones your hips, your abs, your core muscle and your thighs.
  • It is a stress buster and makes you enjoy, that ways you might end up burning more calories than you intended to. “If you practice regularly it will burn your calories andincrease your metabolic rate. As a result you will notice a great weight loss. Belly dancing improves muscle structure and strengthens it, especially back muscles, arms and hips. And basing on my own experience I can say that belly dancing is very good for female health,” says Olena Jain, a professional dancer who teaches belly dancing at her institute called Stella Dance in Kolkata.
  • You get to shake that belly which just makes you more confident and feel sexy. “To my mind belly dancing is the most feminine and charming form of a dance. It gives elegance and grace to every move. Belly dance helps to fall in love with our bodies and feel attractive and beautiful all the time,” says Olena.

Catch this exclusive tutorial of WSL for beginners from Olena Jain and get started!

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