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Being Emotionally Available In Relationships

Many times in relationships we stop communicating because we feel the other person does not get us.

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – Barbara De Angelis

Someone to Share

Being emotionally available in a relationship means you understand what the other person is going through emotionally and trying to be there for them. It may also imply you have a deep emotional connection with that person. In our lives, we have different types of relationships, personal and professional. The stronger our relationships, the better is the quality of our life. We need relationships where we are emotionally available to each other. This means that if you are not in a relationship with your full heart and soul it is an incomplete or emotionally unavailable relation. We may have a lot of people around us, but we cannot pour our heart to everyone. It helps if we have such meaningful relations in our life. Whether its happiness, fear, anxiety, sadness, excitement or any other emotion, we always need someone to share. It’s an innate human need.

Emotional Connect
Emotional Connect – Credits Unsplash

Emotional Connect

What if there is no one available for us to pour our hearts out? Then we are left to lick our own wounds, which is really sad and lonely. Be emotionally available to help your loved ones overcome situations in life. Sometimes just hearing them out is enough. You may not always have answers to their problems but your emotional availability helps the person to look at alternative positive solutions to the problem at hand. If you have a child, be available for the child so that your child can share their issues with you. Don’t say that this is a small thing. For the child at that point in time, it’s very important. If you have a strong emotional connection with your child and if the child is grown up and living elsewhere, the child can rely on you for emotional support because of the emotional connect that you have built as a parent. Important to remember, a parent can be physically away but still emotionally available to your child and you can be physically close to someone and emotionally miles away. Having healthy relations leads to a healthy body too.

Listening May Help Someone

We need to have healthy relations for a happy life. People get very lonely and sad if they don’t have anyone to share their problems with. Such people can take extreme steps like taking their life too, just because there was nobody available to ask for help. Isn’t it unfortunate if such an incident occurs? Don’t let this happen to your family and friends. Be sensitive to their need and listen to them. Parents many times cut the line of communication by not listening. The child then gives up after some time and stops communicating altogether. Many times in relationships we stop communicating because we feel the other person does not get us. What we are trying to say or what we are going through. We connect with people who listen carefully and try to understand. If your child or spouse or friend or colleague feels that you don’t care or understand, the relation is going to be a superficial one and not a genuine, deep-rooted one.

Be There…..Always

Being emotionally available also means understanding what the other person is going through. Being compassionate. Important is not being judgmental. It means you are there to understand, to listen, to assure, to comfort, to help and to be understanding in a non-judgmental way. When you judge you do not understand entirely. Empathize, show compassion and just be there………always.

The Author – Ms Shilpa Risbud (founder of Brainsketch Solutions) is a Dermatoglyphics Practitioner and Trainer. She works with students, parents, teachers, schools and qualified professionals from diverse fields such as legal, technology, education and management consulting. These are her personal views.

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