Befikre Trailer – All That Has Been Thought & Said

Befikre was one of the most anticipated films of 2016 but the level of excitement seems to have gone down after the trailer. The response to the trailer has largely been negative and we’ve rounded up all that’s been said and discussed about the film.

Vaani Kapoor

The Shuddh Desi Romance actress has been heavily criticized for her looks with many believing that she has undergone a chin surgery. However, there are also people who believe that the girl looks hot AF! Her wardrobe has us crushing on it and the girl looks confident. What do you guys think?


The Same Ol’ Story


Boy and girl meet, the two go around town, drinking and making merry and it’s followed up by talks of keeping the relationship away from any serious vibe. We’ve seen this far too many times before and Befikre brings nothing new to the table. A done to death concept has the people bored. Bollywood, can you give us a fresh, modern love story please?


High Expectations From Aditya Chopra

The Yash Raj banner is known for it’s epic love stories and while Yash Chopra was, and continues to be a legend, Aditya Chopra is known to be no less. This the man who gave us DDLJ and people’s expectations were on an all time high. The audience was looking forward to something that was truly never done before. But what it ended up being was.. old wine, in, well, not even that new a bottle.


The Neal N Nikki Comparisons



Eleven years back, Neal N Nikki was a movie that promised to be of age. A reflection of the youth. A far cry from romances that the 90s and early 2000s had seen. The movie bombed at the office however it did bring to light the way the new generation handled their relationships – chilled, no fuss, not afraid of the sex but slightly hesitant of the commitment. Sadly, at this point, Befikre’s vibe seems to be no different. It doesn’t help that the release dates of both the movies are the same – 9th December.


A Mirror of The Society

Apart from the movie’s story, plot and concept, Befikre also has people talking about modern relationships. In an age where the hashtag #RelationshipGoals is a legit thing and the internet is flooded with umpteen articles about love and relationships, commitment is still an issue. People are scared to give it their all, people are scared to let down their guard, be real and vulnerable which is greatly different from how things were a couple of decades back.

Take a look around and you’re sure to find a two people that tick all the boxes of being in a relationship but still don’t brand themselves as a couple. We’re not saying it’s wrong or right, to each his own. But there’s been a definite shift in the way the youth deals with love today and Befikre brings that to light, once again.

What do you think?

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