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Beautifully Ugly; The True Story of Love

Love, at first sight, is one beautiful feeling that has been enunciated in various marvelous legends. But what is it that a person sees that makes them compelled and love bound in just a glance? Is it their physical appearance? But we’ve always been taught to never judge a book by its cover.

Here’s a real-life story of a young couple named Tara and Aryan, who discovered that love means more than the bodily facades and one finds someone beautiful when they actually search their soul and not the soma.

Tara was just twenty-two when her mother asked her to get married to the guy that she selected for her. She had cancer and her father had already died years back, it was her mother’s last wish to see Tara be a bride. Tara just completed her college and wanted to study more, but she couldn’t refuse to fulfill the wish of her dying mother.

Aryan, on the other hand, was a spoiled child. His parents had moved to Canada while he started to work in an office in Mumbai. He was very ambitious and always wanted to do everything on his own. He always had a picture of his “sapnon ki rani”, and that explained the fact that he had never been in a committing relationship before. He had flings though, but never really wanted to be taken, because he was waiting for his princess charming.

Aryan’s parents had just arrived in India, and they came to know about Jalsa, Tara’s mother who was battling cancer. They had known Tara’s family in their days of struggle and immediately made a decision to make her Aryan’s bride. Aryan was devastated, all his life he waited for his dream girl, and now he has to marry a complete stranger. He was an obedient child and couldn’t say no to his parents. He said yes and without seeing Tara, he got married to her in a very traditional Indian wedding style. They just had a small ceremony, and surprisingly, he didn’t see her face all this while long because of her veil. And most importantly the truth was, he didn’t care.

Whilst Tara had seen his pictures and tried to steal a few glances of him while they were getting married not knowing what was actually in store for her next.

Aryan’s parents had to leave back to Canada on the night of their wedding day, so once the ceremony was over, he took his bride to their house and straight away went to bid his parents a farewell. Tara patiently waited all night on the bed, in the hope for her husband to come back home, but he never showed up that night. Next morning he barged in packing his bags and avoided Tara as much as he could. Tara though, trying to be a good wife, prepared his breakfast, but he just kept on ignoring her and mumbled, “I’m leaving for Paris, I will come in two weeks.” he just said those words and left his one-day-old bride baffled in his house. He had seen Tara for the first time today, and she was nothing like he wanted his girl to be. She had a dusky complexion, thin frame, medium length hair, and light brown eyes. She was the south of the tall, fit, fair girl that he always desired.

Tara cried hard that day and spent the rest of her day consoling herself that once he’s back, he will love her, and cherish her. Soon she got a call from the hospital, and the blood in her body turned blue. Her mother had passed away and now she was all alone in this big house, with a barely existing husband and no family at all. Aryan’s parents though, called her time to time, but Aryan just left her a text, when he came to know about her mother. Her life was now just like a pebble. Her days would feel like years and all she now wanted was Aryan to support her. But low-key she knew that he won’t like her at all.

Aryan couldn’t escape like this for the rest of his life and now the day was here when he was sitting in the taxi in Mumbai, going to his house which once felt like a home to him. He entered the house and saw a hopeful smile on Tara’s face. Her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, but he couldn’t care less. He awkwardly said in a low voice, “Hi, I’m gonna go freshen up. “ Tara stood there, feeling a dagger pierce right through her heart, and that moment she just decided to stay quiet. Months passed like this, a silent rage filled the air, but a cloud can just hold enough before busting in a thunderstorm.

Finally, the day came when Tara couldn’t hold anything anymore and leashed out in an argument with Aryan. She was screaming but at the same time choking on her own sobs. She was hurt and Aryan could see that. “If you’re so unhappy with me, then might as well take a divorce and set me free from seeing your ugly face each morning. I don’t know what demons ruled my parents when they got me married to such a ghastly awful person like you!” he screamed on top of his lungs. Tara was bamboozled, a sudden realization took over her body and it was difficult to seep into the dreams and desires she had woven around Aryan. Lowkey she always loved him and took care of every small thing of his, but she didn’t know that all this while long he ignored her because he found her ugly. “Fine. “ She just murmured and left to pack her bags. She went out of the house without saying anything and Aryan didn’t even bother to turn to her.

Three years have passed by, Aryan is soon to shift to London for leading the office. He had achieved what he wanted in life, but he couldn’t commit to any relationship. It was his last few days in his office when he decided to sit with the HR team, who was recruiting the staff for the London office. Soon he laid eyes on that familiar face. It was Tara, it was definitely her. She was dressed in a simple shirt and trousers and had barely any makeup on. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and her face looked so tired. It was the first time he had ever made an effort to look at her and notice these basic details. She was nervous and avoided looking up, but she froze when she looked up at him. Tears were building up in her eyes, and she just silently left the room. The recruiters were a bit surprised but called in the next candidate. Aryan looked through her profile and asked the recruiters to add her name to the list and immediately escaped the hall. He chased her out of the office and found her sitting on the bench as he stood right in front of her. “Hey…” he said softly, and she looked up at him, it was the first time his heart leaped when he saw her crying. All he wanted to do was to wipe off her tears.

Tara looked at him taking in the moment and immediately put out a bold face with a bright smile. “Hey….” they both sat in silence when he asked her to join him for coffee. She said yes even though she was battling her emotions. He looked the way she sipped her coffee and how she has a bright smile plastered on her face, even though she wants to cry. “I’m extremely sorry for what I did back then.” She looked up at him and smiled. “It’s fine,” she replied. He was now curious to know more about her. Her soft polite behavior made him rethink why he hated her in the first place. She was suddenly attractive to him. “You started to work?” he asked wanting to start a conversation. “Yeah, I obviously had no one and nobody to go to, after you kicked me out of the house. I had to do something to survive.” her words blazed holes in his body. He became so selfish and aggressive at that moment, that this thought never crossed his mind. He felt like a total jerk for what he had done and somehow his eyes went teary. “I’m so sorry…” that’s all he could manage to say and avoided to look at her, feeling ashamed. She smiled and gently kept her hand on his, in an attempt to comfort him. “It’s fine.” She said.

After that moment he took her number and would arrange to meet her daily. Both of them had to now work in the same office soon in London and Aryan couldn’t be more excited. For the very first time in his life, a girl has had that effect on him. He started to fall in love with her. Every small detail of her made him fall harder, like the way she just wanted to eat ‘paani puri’ all the time, the way she spent time watching DDLJ on Maratha Mandir, the way she sang all the old Bollywood hits out of synch and the way she would freak out on small unimportant things. He didn’t understand this feeling until one day when he waited outside her house the whole day to surprise her, and she came out laughing with a guy. He gripped the steering wheel of his car so tight that his knuckles went pale. He was jealous and felt possessive. She hugged the guy and spotted Aryan as she approached him and sat in the car, she was happy and surprised that they were going out yet again tonight.

Aryan drove in silence, she could feel the tension when she finally asked him what was wrong. Aryan ignored her, she asked again a few more time, and now he has had enough, “Who was that guy you were hanging out with eh?” he blurted. “Just a friend and that’s none of your business though. “ She retorted. He stopped the car with a jerk and looked at her almost shouting loudly “It is my goddam business! You are my wife and I have the right to ask what I want.” She was shocked.

A sudden realization dawned upon them. They were still together, they actually never divorced. She was shocked and reached out for the car gate. He stopped her and with tear-filled in his eyes confronted her. “I’m sorry I ever said those words, you’re not ugly, you never were, you’re rather the most beautiful women that I have ever met, and I was a fool I let you go. I made a mistake then, but I’m not gonna make one now. Please forgive me. I love you like crazy and I’ve never felt this way before. Please just remarry me or something and come with me to London. “ He was rumbling all these words out of his mouth as Tara could see him choke on his own sobs. She just leaned in and kissed him. That was the moment when he felt the love and passion that has been longing in their lives. They both had a short ceremony again, but this time it was hard to peel Aryan away from her. They both shifted to London and started to lead a beautiful life together. Today they have two twin sons and a daughter, and they couldn’t be happier.

The truth is, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you truly love them, appearances won’t matter. You’d stay inevitable, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, till death does you apart.

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
Instagram: @kiiaxraa

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