How to be yourself…

While it’s perfectly alright to think “I wish I can be like her”, but only when you take this feeling positively. At times, you may just get bogged down by other people’s achievements or someone might inspire you crazy, but always remember, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Always seek inspiration, but never compare yourself with others and feel low. If you are “suffering” from this, we are happy to help!

Know your qualities

You tend to compare when you are unknowingly competing with someone. It’s healthy to compare when you seek inspiration and attempt to better your position, but if you feel dejected if your competitor has an edge over you or has marched ahead, there lies the problem. Your competitor is doing well probably because she has nailed where her talent lies. You need to do just that. Know what you are good at and go about it.

Compete with yourself

While comparing yourself with others, the feeling of insecurity or inferiority might just creep in. The best thing to do is compete with yourself. Compare your present performance with your last one, analyse and move ahead — this will help you in a big way. If someone is a negative influence on you, it will deteriorate your quality of performance.

Be happy with what you are

The key to happiness is in accepting and being happy with the qualities that you have. You may not be excellent in studies, but you may excel at dance or music or any sports. You might not be good at number crunching, but you may be good at playing with words.  That one talent is something that no one can take away from you. All you need to do is identify that. Remember, never make an attempt to change yourself.

Enjoy the journey of self-discovery

As they say, failures are biggest milestones. You always learn a lot from your own mistakes. Only when you fail, do you discover your other aspect, which was hidden so far because you were busy going after something that was not meant for you. Life is all about discovering oneself and the process has to be continuous. Cherish what you are and enjoy life.

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Written by Ranja

A book editor and a content writer, my first love has always been to write. I'm also a romantic at heart and love dwelling in my own world of imagination.

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