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Basics : 5 Step Skincare Routine

A newbie in the skincare game? Here’s what you need to know.

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Selfcare is probably the most trending topics of today. It encapsulates the overall wellbeing, both mental and physical, of a person, and skincare has become an essential part of this phenomena. For a beginner, the colourful maze of skincare products can seem overwhelming. So, let’s try to unravel this maze of skin-type, ingredients and affordable products.


We always start anything with a clean slate, and our face is no exception. Always begin your skincare routine by cleansing your face and getting rid of all the makeup and dirt. Be wary of ingredients like sulphate and parabens in any of your skincare products. Cleansers can be of many types like gel-based, oil-based or foam-based. Gel and Foam cleansers are usually recommended for oily and combination skin, whereas oil-based cleansers are ideal for any skin type. 


Toners are used to balance the ph levels of your skin and get rid of any makeup or dirt that your cleanser left behind. It acts as an excellent base to get your skin ready for your next skin products. Try The Face Shop’s Chia Seed toner for hydrated skin. If your skin type is more acne-prone, try the Green tea toner by Plum.


The hulk of the routine, serums are power-packed with active ingredients and are used to nourish the skin. It has better penetrating properties and is used to target specific skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, pores or wrinkles. Look for a serum rich in Hyaluronic acid for active hydration of the skin. Vitamin C is an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants and has anti-ageing properties. AHAs are convenient for unclogging pores and fighting hyper-pigmentation. Its Skin is a good brand with various ingredients for every skin type.

4. Moisturiser

The most common and popular product – moisturizer is a part of every skin enthusiast’s cabinet. It’s a vital product for healthy and glowing skin and is the expert in doing its job. Look for the ones that are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, B5 and C. Moisturizers act like a good barrier and protect the skin against harsh air and weather. The face shop’s Chia seed lotion and Cetaphil are some of our favourites.


It’s a grave sin to skip SPF and make your skin vulnerable to harsh UV rays. Sunscreen is the last piece of the puzzle without which everything else will turn worthless. Remember anything below SPF30 is not enough for your skin and can’t do much good. Plum’s Chamomile and White tea SPF 50, Cetaphil Sun SPF 50 and Re’quill ultra matte sunscreen gel are good contenders for your skincare cabinet.

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