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Dance Accident Insurance Is Here to Be Worry-Free, but With a Clause

From the many products or services which we come across daily, insurance is the only product/service that works on the sole consideration of fear, protection, or securing the future. Consumers generally opt for insurance only when they are uncertain about something. Sometimes, it’s the ‘peace of mind’ aspect, which is the compelling factor for majority insurance products. In the end, it may be the willingness of the customer, awareness among customers, or attitude of the target customer segment that decides the success of an insurance product.

Dance Accident Insurance

If we follow the financial section of the news, on fourth March, a new product dubbed as ‘Dance Accident Insurance’ from bajajfinserv is all over the news. Though we got excited to cover it immediately on our portal as women love to dance, delving into reality has something else for us. No, we are not opinionating anything about the product itself. Continue reading to know why.

Why Dance?

While there is no one single answer to the question of why dance? Dance is just a fantastic way to express our heart out. We dance out of joy, passion, energy or to even express love for someone. Dance is also a form of exercise. Which young couple doesn’t enjoy a romantic dance together? Which wannabe dancer doesn’t like exploring new ways of this beautiful art without care and concern? Mothers love it when their children dance, and they spend considerable time in supporting if their child/children have dance aspirations too.

Also, there is no beauty to dance without dolls! Dancing Doll, we all say. Isn’t it? Dance insurance has many target segments such as mothers – who have influence on their kids/children, dance academies, professional or casual dancers. While dancing has no age bounds till the passionate is physically and medically fit, learning dance can start from an early ideal age of 7 and end somewhere around the early 20s: just our thoughts with sense and not any statistical numbers.

Dance Accident Insurance from BajajFinserv

So, what is this product ‘Dance Accident Insurance’ all about? In short, it is an insurance to cover any accidents that happen to the insured while dancing. Top countries in the world such as Australia, Canada and the UK have had insurance for dancers for quite some time, and now India has also joined the club. Bajaj Finserv has introduced a dance insurance policy to help dancers deal with their medical expenses to treat any injuries that might occur while dancing. Similar to the dance insurance, they have sports, fitness and gym insurances as well.

What BajajFinserv Has to Say of the Product:

Dance is an elegant and expressive art form which involves movements that are complicated and require physical exertion of the body. Classical dances especially are very demanding when it comes to perfecting each and every step. As a result, passionate dancers go the extra mile to sync their bodies with the perfect movement. Uneven flooring, incorrect footwear or straining the body beyond its limit might possibly lead to injuries. The ankles, knee, toes and pelvis are commonly injured. If you are a professional dancer, you will want to get back on stage as soon as possible after any injury and thus policy will help you with that.

Features Of The Insurance

It provides insurance for dance-related accidents that are covered by the policy. 

A high sum of Rs 2 lakh is offered depending on the injury with a minimum premium of Rs 349 per annum. 

How To Apply?

You can visit the Bajaj Finserv website and apply online with all the required details and preferred payment option. 

What Does The Insurance Cover?

  • Fracture: In case of fractured limbs, a coverage of Rs 1 lakh will be offered. 
  • Permanent Disability: A coverage of Rs 2 lakhs for any of the following cases
  • Loss of eyesight (both eyes)
  • Physical separation of or the loss of ability to use both hands or feet                      
  • Physical separation of or the loss of ability to use one hand and one foot
  • Loss of sight in one eye and the physical separation of or the loss of ability to use either one hand or one foot


What Is Not Covered?

  • Injuries that occur while under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol or drugs will not be covered. 
  • Any pre – existing conditions or complications that worsen due to dance will not be covered. 
  • Any injuries or illnesses that are self – inflicted, including attempted suicide will not be covered. 


How To Make Claims?

You have to lodge the claim within 24 hours of the accident with the insurer through call, email or writing to their mail address. Once the claim reaches the insurer, you will be contacted by the concerned person to carry out the insurance at the earliest. You will also be asked to submit the following documents while registering a claim.

  • Medical Reports
  • Incident Report
  • Original bills/invoice of treatment received
  • Diagnosis reports and test results
  • A signed claim form with all required details


Tip: Make sure you do a registered post if you opt writing to their mail address. At least you will have a definite time proof for the claim, else we all know how terms and conditions play with the customers.

Depending on the type of injury, you might be asked to provide other documents as well.

Our Take: Do Not Take the Interest or Time of The Customers for Granted 

The Dance Accident Insurance comes under the Pocket insurance subscriptions for all things that need extra care. Considering the value for money benefits at Rs 349 with a coverage of Rs 1 lakh for one year, it is a good coverage any eligible and interested can think of. Typically we can only think of fractures during dancing and not even close thoughts of permanent disability. It is on those rare occasions or instances that permanent disability happens, and we feel it is not justifiable from customers’ perspective as well to take this cover granted as there are other products for such devastating scenarios. 

If interested, one can quickly fill the form online, verify mobile OTP, make the payment via different methods available, the most comfortable being UPI, and get enrolled into the cover instantly. 

Key Pain Points:

    1. When the news of new dance accident insurance is all over the internet, a generic customer who is interested would like to register for the same online. But it looks like the company is least bothered even to give information about the product applicable eligibility on the product information page to the customers. 
    2. New customers are not allowed/eligible for this product. A customer will only realize this after spending time to fill the form online and proceeding further. Only existing bajaj customers are eligible for this product. 
    3. We failed to explore and understand further about terms and conditions, as the, ‘please click here’ link is not yet updated even after a week of product launch. 
    4. Even at the time of publishing this story, when we tried to apply for the cover online with the existing bajaj registered mobile number, we failed to make payment successfully(The page kept redirecting to fill page again and again with no proper error communication to the user). Nevertheless, we were able to successfully proceed for payment on mobile only via the make payment link sent via the SMS sometime later.
Point 2 Reference
Point 3 Reference.
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Women especially are more prone to such injuries, and this policy will benefit the members of those families who are existing customers of the company. Any form of dance, be it Bharatnatyam or contemporary, it has possibilities of injury. So it is always better to be prepared in advance. What do you feel about the new insurance product from the company? Do let us know your thoughts via comments.

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