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Bajaj Consumer Care Launches Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap

To leverage Almond Drops Hair Oil brand equity to tap skincare market.

Bajaj Consumer Care announced the launch of Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap, its latest offering in the skincare segment at a launch event today. Enriched with almond oil and vitamin E, the soap offers premium moisturisation for the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and glowing.

A result of meticulous scientific research and innovation, Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap offers enhanced moisturisation for the skin. Combined with added advantages of pleasant fragrance, ease of rinsing, and competitive pricing, the soap offers an unbeatable value proposition to customers.

The product leverages the Company’s Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil offering which has enjoyed a strong positioning and distinctly superior brand equity in the Rs.13,500 crore hair oil space for decades.

Launching the soap, Mr. Jaideep Nandi, Managing Director, Bajaj Consumer Care said, “We are extremely delighted to bring to the market a moisturising soap that customers had long sought from us. Bajaj Almond Drops have been loved by generations of Indians due to the equity of almond oil & vitamin E, which are known to have benefits not only for hair but for the skin too. With Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap, we are now extending the same benefits in a premium soap form.”

“We are confident that the Bajaj Almond Drops branding of the soap will speak to customers’ sense of loyalty and trust and evoke the same response as our hair oil offering. The product has been developed keeping in mind the skincare needs and its pricing makes it accessible for all consumer segment types,” Mr. Nandi added.

The Grade 1 quality soap has a TFM value of 76% and comes in an aesthetically designed shape featuring Almond Drops engraving. Available immediately, the soap will be sold across the Indian market in different sizes at attractive price points.

Consumer Needs and Ingredients:

The Rs 20,000+ crore Indian soap market has also seen consumer needs evolving. Customers have been showing a preference for soaps that do not leave the skin dry after bathing. Plus, they also prefer products that contain natural ingredients. Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising soap has natural ingredients like Almond Oil and Vitamin E. Currently, premium moisturising soaps pricing in the market makes them less attractive for users to upgrade, the gap being addressed by attractively priced Bajaj Almond Drops Moisturising Soap.

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