Are Health Drinks And Juices Making Your Kids Fat?

It was not very long back when juices and health drinks were considered as healthy options for kids. But of late, juices and health drinks have increasingly come under fire for the presence of high sugar content. These are making children gain weight along with other side effects.

If you walk down any supermarket aisle, you would find products especially health drinks and juices meant for kids which advertise themselves as healthy, full of super nutrients but in reality, they are far cry from being healthy. On the contrary, they are making kids gain weight.

Now, even scientists are also advising parents to not assume that juices are healthy and are rather insisting to replace juices and so-called healthy drinks with a piece of fruit for their children’s breakfast or snack.

A study done in the Medical University of Vienna earlier this year, revealed that children who had orange or apple juice with their breakfast were 50 per cent more likely to be overweight, while those who drank water saw their obesity risk fall by 40 per cent.

Moreover, it also suggests that skipping breakfast is indeed  linked to weight gain as it makes children more likely to snack during the day.

The study has been published at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna. The researchers questioned 652 children aged 13 on their breakfast habits and found that those who drank fruit juice more than three times a week were 50 percent more likely to be overweight or obese.

To conclude, you do not need to include any fruit juices or other health drinks in your children’s diet at all. Intake of sweet drinks reduces the quality of your child’s diet and also leads to your children gaining weight. Not just that, it also leads to poor oral health in children resulting in tooth cavities.  The best way to get your children complete nutrition is to inculcate in them the habit of eating whole fruits and vegetables. When it comes to fluids, encourage them to drink plain water and milk rather than letting them sip processed or non processed juices or even sugary drinks and milk for that matter. This will ensure your children adopt good food habits early on, which would help them later on in their lives.

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