Apps: These Recommendations Can Help You With Your Fitness Goals

The camaraderie between us and our smartphones is something that anybody can be envy of. Well, to add to our lists of “what can I get from my smartphone?” Fitness can be a good option with the embedded sensors these smart devices come with. In the fast-paced lifestyle that we all are living, health is a man’s greatest possession, where a moment to think about your well being is expensive and tedious. To our rescue fitness is made accessible with a line of applications on our smartphone. Indeed, phones are smart; and they are at our disposal with the best artificial intelligence a mind could think of.

Health and fitness are boats that anchor the same shore- the one that leads to you to a better version of yourself. If you are on-a-go to shape your body, burn that extra calorie or strengthen your muscle, exercising and proper food must be on your agenda. With the number of apps we have today, it isn’t very easy to make an appropriate choice. Well, we have done the groundwork for you. Here are some good recommendations that we have sifted for you. is an online and offline channel for your fitness goals. It is under the chains of CureFit, a Bangalore based fitness setup. The application is inclusive of a holistic approach to stay fit and healthy. The importance of having overall control of your body and mind is the key that this app has a hand on, which makes it an instant hit. is a machine-driven application that has around 400 trainers with ten different exercise formats. You can select a centre near you and opt for a fun schedule with dancing, boxing, HRX and a lot more unique activities for various endeavours like burning belly fat, strengthening muscles etc. The Do It Yourself feature of this application is where you can download the app and can have access to a set of fun schedules from your home itself.

What makes this app distinct from the others is how it has collaborated the four verticals of training into one stream – the for physical training, the for healthy eating, the for mental well being and lastly, a fresh avenue to bring medical care under its umbrella. To all the people who think cutting down your meal is the best idea, this app makes you change these notions and helps you progress to an important meal.


  • You can get the services at a subscription or at free of cost for your DIY sessions.
  • Gives you the feel of an athlete based training at their centres
  • Makes exercising fun with their group classes
  • It has formats for everyone with the best trainers
  • A medium of engagement between training and delivery attaining desired results


Download: free for android and IOS.

Healthify me

This is your guide to food regulation in a diet. It has a comprehensive database of 20,000 Indian foods which you probably might consume in your diet. This app emphasizes on monitoring your food habits and merging them with a reviewed exercise schedule. The calorie count in the app is that what helps the most- it can ease our worry on the amount you intake. For the premium subscribers, it gives access to a nutritionist, fitness trainers and also yoga mentors.

Download: free for Android and IOS.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga heals everything- an ancient Indian science where our body and mind aligns with our soul. At Yoga Studio, they promise that yoga is for everyone. It has distinguished levels for beginners as well as for the gurus in yoga. This app has over 25 hours of HD videos of yoga performed by experts and which is complemented with a library of 280 poses for your practice. This app is a seven-day free trial and later has various subscription packs.

Download: Android and IOS


Often fitness is said to be exclusive of physical training, to be precise, a sound mind is a prerequisite to any form of fitness. At headspace, you will be able to give rest to your mind, something that is very important. Stress and anxiety are measures which are easily overlooked, but a conscious individual will know the importance of addressing these. This app is well designed with hundreds of themed sessions to take away the stress and also guided meditation for busy schedules. It has a 10-day free trial and later is open for subscription for the required packages.

Download: Android and IOS

Couch to 5k

This app is exceptional, one that convinces you to leave that lazy couch and run up to 5 Kilometres. It is the most popular app ever. It starts with running and walking routines which will gradually progress based on the body’s stamina and strength to run a 5K in a span of 8 weeks. Each session is 30 minutes long and is ideal to be done three times a week.

Download: free for android and IOS


There is a way to your will, use these fitness apps to set horizons for a healthier and fitter version of yourself. With the amount of disease and health issues people now face because of a sedentary lifestyle, a mindful approach to exercise is essential, and this is just the start. Have suggestions? Please comment or share your thoughts.

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Written by Sakshi Jain

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