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Applying Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” Principles To Your Personal Life

Except for people living under the rock, everyone knows Marie Kondo and her Netflix show that has gained momentum, aiming to declutter people’s living spaces. As it turns out, you can very well adopt Marie Kondo’s method to ‘tidy up’ to your personal life and and get rid of things and relationships in your life which do not ‘spark joy’.

Here is how to apply the exact same principle to your love life and see the magic unfold-

Let Go Of People To Make Room For The Ones Who Matter

We all know that people around you can either lift you up or demotivate you big-time. Suffice it to say, you need to get rid of those people who are not good for your mental health. Get rid of that friend who always belittles you and doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Stop hanging out with people who can only make your day worse. Once you let go of such people, you would make space for new relationships.

Keep only those things which spark joy

Marie Kondo’s method tells you to keep only those things which spark joy. Are you in a relationship where they is no heat, no connection, no spark? It yes, it is time to let go of it. Do you hang out with a group of people who only make you feel bored and exhausted with their negativity? Time to let go of them too.

Show gratitude towards yourself and your life

As Marie Kondo’s method suggests, you should show gratitude to your house. Well, when it comes to your personal life, you should show gratitude towards your own self and your life. You did the best you could, and life gave you enough to keep going. Isn’t that enough to be grateful for? It is only when you are grateful, you attract more things to be grateful for.

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