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Apple Watch Series 4: The Best Expensive Smartwatch Out There!

Apple watches never really get that attention and hype before their release when compared to the IPhones and MacBooks from Apple. This could be because the tech wearable segment as a whole hasn’t really been growing brightly and performing exceptionally, to say the least. Apple wasn’t the first one to enter into this market, but has managed to grab the top position till date. It faces competition from much cheaper alternatives like Xiaomi and the pioneer of the market – Fitbit. Surprisingly, Apple has done this keeping its premium pricing structure as always.

Apple Watch Series 3, came with a revolutionary e-sim feature that made it a smartwatch which was not so dependent on your smartphone. This year’s Apple Watch series 4 also has a few upgrades to offer.

Apple Watch 4 comes in two variants – a GPS version and a GPS + Cellular Version

The Display

Following the trend of larger displays on smartphones, Apple Watch 4 Series now has a remarkably larger display. Both the two variants that Apple has to offer this year, come in two sizes, one is a 40mm screen size and the other one is a larger 44mm screen. Compared to the 42mm screen of its predecessor, the 40mm smart watch of this year still has a bigger screen size because of the end to end display. The display is now edge to edge with cornered edges, eliminating the bezels. More screen means more options to navigate and more services and information to access. The touch interface also become a smoother experience now.

Apple has now changed its interface and also added a number of new faces to match with the bigger display. The icons are now bigger and crispier


The Apple Watch 4 packs the all-new dual core S4 chipset. It has an advanced 64-bit architecture compared to the 32-bit in the Apple Watch 3. Apple Watch 4 is 50% faster than its previous generation which is quite evident with how independently this watch works. The apps load seemingly fast in the Apple Watch 4. The WatchOS 5 supports the fast speed and also makes the handling of notifications feel similar to that of an IPhone. With the new W3 chip and Bluetooth 5.0, the Apple Watch 4, is a delight to use.


Keeping the e-sim technology from last year, the Apple Watch 4 only supports Jio and Airtel for now. If E-sim is something you do not want, don’t worry, this feature only comes in the GPS + Cellular model. But, having an e-sim in your smartwatch would mean answering calls, replying to texts and streaming without having to touch your smartphone. This feature also has been upgraded and now would facilitate clearer calls like IPhones now.

Health features

Looking at its features, it seems like Apple wants to portray Apple Watch 4 as a health device, but we’re not complaining. Apple Watch 4 stands apart from the Series 3 with its health focused features. Optical Heart Sensor being the same as last year, the Apple Watch 4 now comes with heart sensors that constantly tracks your heart rate. If it senses something unusual, like a sudden drop or rise in the heart rate, it would notify you about the same.

Apart from keeping track of your heart, Apple Watch 4 can even sense when you fall and then offer to call your emergency contacts or health services. If it doesn’t get a response from you, it will make the call anyway. This is thanks to their fall detection feature.

The Apple Watch 4 now also comes with an Electrocardiogram. Yes, an ECG on a watch, it’s a thing now. This feature with roll out globally based on certification received by each individual country’s health departments. Heart patients who frequently take their ECG’s out can now do so from their wrist watch. Not only can they just take an ECG from their watch, they can even send it to their doctors in real time in pdf formats for immediate consultation.

WatchOS 5

Like Apple announces a new version of IOS every year with every new line of IPhones, they introduced WatchOS 5 with this years’ Apple Watch 4. The WatchOS 5 comes with a redesigned interface to take advantage of the bigger screen size of the new model.

The new OS offers a dominant and bolder layout taking advantage of the 30 percent larger display. A number of exercises are now available with automatic exercise tracking as well.

There is a new walkie-talkie feature in which you can send short voice messages to other Apple Watch users. We don’t know how much of this feature would be used though, but, to each its own!


The battery is probably the only aspect which has not got any significant upgrade, at least on paper. The Apple Watch 4 Series can deliver 18 hours of battery, once fully charged, according to Apple. However, when used with moderate to heavy usage, it manages to last for approx. 48 hours. Not bad Apple! Apple has reportedly increased the size of the battery in Apple Watch 4 but its running time still averages the same as Apple Watch 3 because of the bigger display it needs to power.


The price of the Apple Watch Series has been set considerably higher than the Apple Watch 3 series. The Apple Watch 4, GPS version comes in around Rs. 40900 for the 40mm display size and Rs. 43900 for the 44mm display size. On the other hand, the GPS + Cellular version which comes in an aluminum case is priced at around Rs. 49900 for the 40mm size and Rs. 52900 for the 44mm display size.


The Apple Watch 4 series is definitely not only the best Apple Watch yet but might potentially be the best smartwatch in the market. Yes, we know the prices are towards the higher end for a watch. That’s why, we leave it up to you to decide if you should consider buying the Apple Watch 4.

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