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Apple Shares Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas

Take a look at the products and accessories offered by Apple for last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Apple Shares Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas
Source: Apple

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you are still thinking about that perfect gift for your loved ones, then Apple is here to your rescue with “Valentine’s Day – Say it with a gift from Apple”.

Take a look at the products and accessories offered by Apple for last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas from six different categories:


Apple Music
Source: Apple

From your heart to their ears. Show some love with the gift of immersive sound. 

  1. iPhone 13 mini- From Rs 69,900
  2. AirPods (3rd generation)– Rs 18,500 with Free Engraving
  3. Airpods Pro- Rs 24,900 with Free Engraving
  4. iPhone 13 mini Leather Case with MagSafe- Rs 5,500

Love comes with 6 months of free music as well. 


Apple Health
Source: Apple

Join your workouts at the wrist. Warm-up, work out or cool down with your plus one. Take good care of each other.

  1. MagSafe Duo Charger- Rs 13,900
  2. Sport Band- Rs 3,900
  3. Apple Watch SE- From Rs 29,900
  4. Apple Watch Series 7- From Rs 41,900

Take good care of each other.


Apple Entertainment
Source: Apple

Add some colour to their sound. Appeal to their senses with best-in-class listening or viewing.

  1. AirPods Max- Rs 59,900 with Free Engraving
  2. HomePod mini- Rs 9,900
  3. Apple TV 4K- from Rs 18,900
  4. iPad- From Rs 30,900

Plan your nights with 3 months of Apple TV+ free.


Apple Creativity

Make the things they love look brilliant.

  1. Apple Pencil (2nd generation)- Rs 10,900 with Free Engraving
  2. Magic Keyboard or iPad Air- From Rs 27,900
  3. iPad mini- From Rs 46,900 with Free Engraving
  4. iPad Air-From Rs 54,900 with Free Engraving

From one perfect pair to another. Add Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard to iPad Air. Make workspace any place.

Photo and Video

Apple Photo and Video
Source: Apple

Turn their every shot into the one.

  1. iPhone 13 Pro- From Rs 1,19,900
  2. iPhone 13- From Rs 69,900
  3. MagSafe Battery Pack- Rs 10,900
  4. iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe- Rs 4,900

iCloud+ Make room for the things that matter. 


Apple Accessories
Source: Apple

Find the perfect gift for anyone.

  1. iPhone 13 Silicone Case with MagSafe- From Rs 4,900
  2. AirTag- From Rs 3,190.00 with Free Engraving
  3. iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe- Rs 5,500
  4. AirTag Leather Key Ring-Rs 3,590

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Nirmal is from a finance background and is trying to explore writing. She loves researching content and believes music is a soulful therapy.

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