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Apple ‘Back to School’ 2022 Offer: Check Education Discounts, Dates and More

Get an education discount on Mac or iPad. Plus AirPods. Save on Mac or iPad for university. You’ll also save on Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, get 20% off AppleCare+ and more. Available to current and newly accepted university students, and teachers and staff at all levels.

Apple Back to School Education Discount for Students in India

If you are a college student looking to invest in a good laptop or Ipad for studies, then this article might prove to be a very useful read for you. Everybody is familiar with the amazing devices by Apple, and what better than buying them at a discounted price.

Apple Education Discount Programme:

Hence, for students who are about to start a new semester at college or university, high-end smartphone maker Apple launched “Back to School” Education discount on its India Store Online. The tech corporation is offering students steep discounts on the most recent models of MacBooks, iPads, Apple Pencils, and Smart Keyboards as part of the school discount programme.

University students, parents, and instructors may receive discounts on a variety of Apple products, including the Mac, iPad, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard, and a 20% discount on AppleCare+, as part of the company’s annual education offer, in an effort to redefine hybrid learning.

Discount Eligibility and Duration:

Anyone interested in the offers only has to check their eligibility on the corporate website. According to a statement from the corporation, the offer is “open to current and recently accepted university students, as well as professors and employees at all levels.” You need to be verified with UNIDAYS in order to be eligible for the Apple student discount in India. The offer is valid for a period of three months starting from 24 June 2022.

Apple Music Student Subscription

Eligible Apple Devices with the discounts available:

  1. Apple iPad Pro – Starts at ₹68,300 (Regular price: Starts at ₹71,900)
  2. iPad Air– Starts at ₹50,780 (Regular price: Starts at ₹54,900)
  3. MacBook Pro 13’’ – available at a discount of upto ₹10,000 at ₹1,19,900 (Regular price: Starts at ₹1,29,900)
  4. MacBook Pro 14’’ – available at a discount of upto ₹19,490 at ₹1,75,410 (Regular price: Starts at ₹1,94,900)
  5. MacBook Pro 16’’ – available at a discount of nearly ₹23,990 at a starting price at ₹2,15,910 (Regular price: Starts at ₹2,39,900)
  6. MacBook Air (M1) – available at a discount of upto ₹10,000, now at ₹89,900 (Regular price: ₹99,900)
  7. MacBook Air (M2) – Starts at ₹1,09,900 (Regular price: Starts at ₹1,19,900)
  8. iMac– Starts at ₹1,07,910 (Regular price: Start at ₹1,19,900)
  9. For Rs 6,400 and Rs 12,200, respectively, customers can upgrade to AirPods Gen 3 and AirPods Pro.

How to avail the Apple student discount in India:

  1. Requirements: You must possess a current College ID card
    A person shouldn’t be older than 25
    Students in Class 10 and above are the only ones who may use the discount.
  2. Go to the Apple Education Store or launch your preferred mobile browser and type this URL into the address bar:
  3. Click on ‘Get Verified with UNiDAYS’.
  4. Enter your email and password to join and the institute you are studying from, and your personal email address issued to you by your university.
  5. Verify your mail to access the discounts offered on the products and other benefits.
  6. You may also verify your papers, such as your college ID if you don’t have an email.

Those who purchase a Mac or iPad for a university or college will also receive an AirPod for free along with six months of free Apple Music subscription. Additionally, a 20% discount on Apple Care+ is being offered by Apple. Beginning on June 24, the education discount will last till 22nd September 2022. Head over to Apple’s website to avail the benefits and boost your college plans.

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