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Ambitious? Here’s Why You Need to Inculcate News in Your Routine

News is a piece of important information in this competitive era. There are different mediums through which news is carried to people throughout the globe, but digital has become the preferred due to obvious reasons. Also, digital is engaging, and information can be updated real-time. 

Online News
Online News

At this context, it is also important to note that the proportion of female readers of newspapers is considerably smaller than male readers. This gender disparity in the newspaper readership can have important implications in the participation of women in society.   

Now, straight to the point, it is important to develop a habit of staying up to date with the news for various reasons. While we can’t stress enough on the importance of reading a newspaper, but we can surely list some reasons why every woman should inculcate news in her routine.

Digital Medium
News Consumption on Mobile Devices

Why Is It Important to Inculcate News in Your Routine?

1. It Increases Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of reading news regularly is doing so keeps you informed of all the latest local, national or world events. It’s useful to stay updated on news as they unfurl a lot of updates (like opening up of new businesses in your locality, new product announcements, inspiration, health etc.) that might require your attention. 

2. Better Presentation of Your Views

News reading can help develop better verbal ability to present your thoughts through words. It helps you to enter the world of critical thinking thereby providing you with an opportunity to have an opinion in matters that concerns you. 

3. As a Mentor and Guide  

Your grasp on the latest happenings can be a quick go-to information guide to self, family or at work. Of all things helpful, participating in the growth story of your child, self or partner can be a fruitful outcome of this knowledge. We can bring a change in the mindset of the society, but the first step towards this start is by imparting the knowledge we gather into our own homes.

4. Develop a Balanced Perspective

Unless you trust the source, it is advisable not to rely on just one reference(source) for information or views. Read news from all the viewpoints and only draw conclusions based on your instincts and logic. It is important to keep yourself informed about all outlooks and develop your stance. If required, seek help from someone who can help you initially with this process.

5. Interviews, Group Discussions, Competitive Exams etc.  

Reading news can be the deciding factor in a job interview as this habit can empower you with the required information to answer questions based on current affairs. It also helps you to engage in intelligent conversations because of your general awareness and spontaneity to quickly answer questions. Be the first to initiate a group discussion or quickly strike a conversation on topics of interest

6. Keeping Abreast with Competition

If you are interested in commencing business, then the information provided by the news might be of some help to be up-to-date with the already existing competition in the market. This information can help you with the problem statements, current technologies, regulatory updates, investors etc., thereby staying at pace with the industry.

Some Suggestions on How to Absorb the News

  1. Pick multiple sources and follow them regularly. Carefully observe how each source is presenting the information.
  2. Unless the source is trusted, it is advisable not to stick to just one reference for Analysis, opinions or news. Refer multiple sources and build a stance only after applying logic.
  3. Observe the date and time of the news published and try to connect with possibilities.
  4. Always read between the lines and connect the dots. 
  5. Check the tonality, sources, references of the story. Carefully observe how the news is conveyed, which should ideally give you the complete picture. 
  6. Correlate news of one industry with its related ones. This helps you to come up with many viewpoints.
  7. If you are a subject matter expert, you can easily identify what should be your go-to source of news with little or no effort. 

Following the above seems to be painful in the beginning, but once you get some acquaintance you will find the process more natural. Reading news regularly makes an effective habit that enriches you with knowledge. So keep reading to make yourself capable enough to have your voice reach the right ears.

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