Amazing Home Remedies for Your Grey Hair

Hair is an important part of your look. The colour of the hair influences your appearance and that is why you find people getting worried once they discover their hair turning grey. But you need not panic. We have brought you here some remedies which you will find helpful for tackling your greying hair. There are simple and do not involve spending of huge time and money. These are certain organic means of treating grey hair.

Pastes and oils to be applied before shampoo

1) Boil some curry leaves in coconut till it turns black. Apply this and shampoo after about a couple of hours. Curry contains natural pigments and help in restoring the natural colour of the hair. 2) Add 1 spoon of fenugreek powder, 1 spoon of yogurt, some coffee and basil paste and juice of mint leaves. Apply this on your hair, leave it for 3 hours and shampoo. 3) Mix henna with coconut and apply to your hair. This helps to bring the natural colour. 4) A mixture id almond oil, amla juice and lemon juice works wonders in bringing back the dark brown colour of your hair. 5) Simple application of the amla paste or amla hair oil helps in restoring the natural hair colour.

Eat for your hair

1) Try to have iodine rich foods like fish, banana and carrots. Simple table salt also has iodine that helps in the production of melanin.

2) Increase the protein in your diet with having more of whole grains, cereals and eggs.

3) Keep a mixture of grated ginger and honey in a jar and eat a spoon of this every day.

4) Add lots of curry leaves in your diet.

5) Eat amla or Indian gooseberry.

Hair is a delicate part of our body which is exposed to pollution and toxins most of the time. No doubt it needs care. Even in your busy professional schedule these are some easy ways by which you can stop your hair from greying further. A little effort pays well.

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