10 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Kids This Christmas

The much-awaited season for kids is here! This is the time when they look forward to receiving gifts from Santa on Christmas. Though eventually moms and dads end up becoming Santas, but the joy of giving them a gift is priceless, isn’t it! And if your kids have crossed that age of believing in Santas, how does it matter? You can still surprise them with gifts! Here are some gifts which you can buy for your little ones on Christmas!Merry-Christmas-new

Legos are best gifts for growing kids. It is a good indoor game that helps in building kids’ imagination. It is packed with different ideas and kids can spend hours playing this. It also helps in increasing their level of concentration.

Doll house
This is a dream gift for every girl. Little girls love to spend time with their dolls, dressing them up or making a kitchen for them. Gifting a doll house to your little princess is a very creative idea. Your girl is definitely going to say “my dream has come true”!

This is little offbeat gift for Christmas, but in the long-run, it’s going to benefit them a lot. This Christmas gift your kids some interesting books and help them cultivate the good habit of reading. This way they will learn a lot and it will help them in exploring the world with their own views.

Kindle fire
This is also a good gift for growing kids. It’s environment-friendly and in way you will be saving paper for good.

Growing kids are passionate about music, so gifting them an ipod is a good idea. Don’t go for a fancy, expensive one, buy a simple one that fits your budget. They will love it.

Science kits
Gifting them a science kit is an excellent idea. With the help of these kits, kids will learn to enjoy science.

Art kits
Gifting them art kits is the best way to enhance their creativity. Both girls and boys will love to go creative.

Cycles, cricket gears or badminton rackets It’s very important that kids go out and play. It helps them in socialising and is also good for their fitness.

Board games
As a parent, I feel we should spend quality time with them and not just give them gifts. This way they will feel involved and you will get an idea how talented your kids are and how to encourage them to take up things that they like doing. The best way to start this association is by gifting them board games and ensuring you play those with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Be the best Santa for your kids!

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Written by Priyanka Baheti

Priyanka comes from the land of best beaches, majestic scenery and the quintessential Southern California. Masters in Engineering and mother of two, she believes that education give us way of life to live and family gives Liveness.

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