Amazing Benefits of Cashew

If you love chewing on dry fruits grab a handful of cashews. The market is flooded with dry fruit gift packs on the occasion of Diwali and these can be regarded as gifts of good health. Why? There are various health benefits which you can get from cashew nuts.cashew-nuts-india

Keep away deadly cancer:

Cashews contain proanthocyanidins which are flavanols that fight tumour cells preventing them from spreading to other parts of the body. Cashews also keep you away from colon cancer.

Keep a healthy heart with cashew:

Cashews contain oleic acid which is good for cardiovascular health as it helps in reducing triglyceride. Cashews are free from cholesterol and rich in antioxidants which reduce the risks of coronary heart diseases. They also contain magnesium that keeps the blood pressure low and prevents the occurrence of heart attacks.

Get your bones hardy:

Apart from calcium, magnesium too is important for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones. Cashews are rich in magnesium and so they help you keep strong bones.

Care with cashew for your hair and skin:

If you are concern about your beautiful skin and hair you should make it a habit of chewing on some cashews regularly. Cashews contain the enzyme tyrosinase which helps in the formation of melanin that is responsible for the colour of your skin and hair.

Get nerves of steel:

Cashews contain magnesium which prevents calcium from entering the nerve cells. This helps in keeping the blood vessels and muscles relaxed. Calcium entering in blood cells can lead to contraction of muscles thereby increasing the blood pressure.

The other benefits of cashews include good health of teeth and gums, proper digestion, good sleep, prevention of gall stones and weight loss.

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