Alia Bhatt Speaks Up On Kangana Ranaut’s Accusations

Off late, Kangana Ranaut has been slamming the whole Bollywood for ganging up against her. The actress has been known to speak her mind out without any fear. She has spoken up against nepotism, gender pay gap, harassment among other things. She doesn’t even hesistate to call out names.

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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana called out Alia Bhatt and Meghna Gulzar and said,

“I have reached out to them. When I saw Raazi trailer, I called Alia and Meghna, I spoke to each one of them for half an hour. But no response from anyone. This is a very strange sort of a racket. I don’t know what they are threatened by.”

She even told that Alia sent her the trailer of Raazi and asked her to watch it. As per Kangana,  

“These girls send me their trailers like Alia (Bhatt) sent me the trailer of Raazi and said, ‘Please watch it’. For me, it was not a Karan Johar film or Alia film, for me, it was a film on Sehmat Khan, the girl who has given her everything to the country.”

When Alia was asked about Kangana’s statement, she reacted positively and said,

“I hope she doesn’t dislike me and I don’t think she dislikes me. I don’t think I have done anything intentionally to upset her. If I have, I will apologise to her on a personal level. But I have always said that I have admired her a lot as an actor and person. She is very outspoken and that takes courage to be that way. I wasn’t aware of this problem or anything, I was busy with the shooting. So yes, what can I say I don’t want to upset anybody.”

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