Ajay Devgan Teasing Kajol About Her Age Is The Sweetest Thing On Internet

Ajay Devgan and Kajol have been one of those sweetest couples whom we have adored over the years. Recently, Karan Johar hosted them in his chat show ‘Coffee with Karan’ and we would be lying if we say we were not smitten. After Karan’s ugly public fallout with the couple back in 2016 over their movies Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Shivaay clashing on box office, this is the first time the trio has gotten together on a show. Back in 2016, a tweet by Kamal R Khan resulted in a slew of misunderstandings between Karan and Ajay which further led to Kajol taking side with her husband, making things heated between Karan Johar and the couple.

As they sat together to have a candid chat, it was a slew of sweet and candid releavations. Some of them really stood out-

Ajay teasing Kajol about her age and social media habits

Ajay didn’t leave any stone unturned teasing Kajol on various things. He teased her for putting a lot of effort in choosing the right pictures to upload on social media. He said, “The problem is not clicking the picture. Problem is, three hours they are only correcting the picture so that they can post it. She’s never done this in her life, budhape (old age) me aakar I don’t know why.” To which she quickly replied, “Tumhara budhapa hoga, mera toh nahi hai! (you must be old, I am not).”

Ajay revealed Kajol’s addiction to online shopping

A report by Mumbai mirror quoted Ajay telling how his wife is “low maintenance”. On the show, both Karan and Ajay agreed to Kajol being prudent when it comes to spending money. However, Ajay did reveal that his wife is quite addicted to online shopping picking up stuff priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200 on a daily basis! She even exclaims with excitement when she gets a great deal, which is something we all can relate to!

Kajol gave a death stare to her husband

During a rapid-fire round, Karan asked Ajay “One lie that every actor from the film  fraternity tells?” To which, he replied, “I love my wife!” Kajol gave him such a hard death stare that he quickly clarified that he was talking about other stars. That was a close shave! Wasn’t it?

Ajay forgot his wedding date

Not just the death stare, Ajay again goofed up when Karan asked Ajay his wedding date as he was unable to recollect and that too after tried twice! Kajol finally told him in a sad and heartbroken voice “its February 24, 1999”. Well, Ajay is never going to forget that, would he?

Being an old soul, Kajol has an amazing bonding with Ajay’s mother

Ajay told that his mother feels much more secure and comfortable with Kajol rather than her own son Ajay. When she is not well, she needs Kajol more than she needs Ajay. He further went on to say that Kajol has no difficulty spending time with his mother or for that matter other people of her mother’s age. He went on to narrate one incident when Kajol attended his mother’s birthday party being the only young person among a room full of 70-year-olds.

Would Karan and Ajay ever become friends again?

Last but not the least, when Karan asked Ajay whether he would make some efforts in future to become friends again, Kajol promptly replied possessively, “I don’t want you to become his friend, you are my friend!” Seems like coffee can bring old friends a lot closer! Doesn’t it?

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