A Voyage To Europe

Beautiful countries, exotic locations, package full of excitement and loads to explore – Europe makes sure you fall in love with it. With vacations just around the corner, it’s the best time to make your long vacation plans. Though you need more than 30 days to travel whole Europe, you can still soak in the beauty of some of its exotic locations in 15 days. Here is a quick peek into what you can’t miss in your dream Europe tour.


Fashion, Eiffel Tower and Disney Land are the three main attractions of the city. While the third covers an almost one-fifth area of Paris, it has lured both kids and adults alike. Disney Land has been divided into Disney Park, which has all the rides and Disney Studio, where you will find all your favourite cartoon characters, animated movies and some performances. The next is world famous Eiffel Tower. It has three levels and it makes a spectacular view at night when thousands of lights flash together. The sheer sight of this 324-metre tall structure will leave you with a feeling of awe. If art interests you then you are at the right place. Louvre Museum is one largest and famous museums in the world. It mainly houses century’s old sculptures, archaeological findings, drawing and painting of Monalisa. Well, there is more to explore. If you want to get the feel of its historical richness, then ‘Arc de Triomphe’ is the place where you need to be. One of the most famous monuments in Paris has information about Napoleonic wars and French Revolution.

Paris is a commercially beautiful city with friendly and cooperative locals. Here people believe in working hard on weekdays and party harder on weekends. If people here wants to party they will do it even on the road. They are mostly seen doing river side party at River Seine.


Belgium is famous for chocolates, beer and French fries that come in huge varieties in this country. Renowned manufacturer of ‘Godiva Chocolatier’ was founded in Belgium only in 1926. Other than this Belgium is known for the statue of a boy happily peeing in the fountain basin called Manneken Pis. The statue has many legends attached to it.



This city of canals and bridges is eco-friendly as the bicycle is a popular mode of transportation here. Amsterdam is situated two meters above the sea level and most of its area is covered with water so it’s compulsory for everyone there to know swimming. Visit Amsterdam to enjoy the water, cruise and Madam Tussauds wax museum.



Black forests and Cologne Cathedral church are the major tourist attractions in Germany. Other than this one will find loads of Cuckoo clocks here as they were invented in Germany.

If you are in Germany do not forget to taste black forest cake here.

PS: People in Germany are a little biased to their language as they do not easily accept the language English. So language could be one problem here.


This place seems to be the hot favourite of all our Bollywood actors, directors and producers for its scenic beauty. Well in return, Switzerland to gives them all the honour. The famous mountain that is Mt Titlis which is at the height of 10,000 is the highest peak in central Switzerland. One reaches on these snow clad mountains through a trolley. Here you may play in the snow and visit the Ice Grotto. On the top of Mt Titlis summit station, one may even enjoy rides like ice-flyer.Shahrukh Khan fans will be more than happy to visit here as the place showcases banners of him with Kajol.Other places to visit here is Rhine waterfall. You will also find loads of stand-alone houses here. Otherwise, Switzerland is so beautiful that you will hardly wish to visit any museum or entertainment zone.The place is famous for cow bells and dairy products.


Venice is the city on water and the only mode of transportation here is boats. This beautiful place will surely remind you of movie Bachna Ae Haseeno once you go for a Gondola ride here, which is a must. St Mark Square is also famous here for its live shows, shops and pigeons.


Italian pizzas are undoubtedly the best in the world. The place is also famous for one of the seven wonders Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum and fountains especially The Trevi Fountain.

If you think this is all about Eupore then you are wrong. It’s just that you need more than 15 days to see more places. Bon Voyage peeps!

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