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A Day Without the Internet Can Do This to You

Having spent a day without the internet, here is what I felt and was able to achieve.

Have you ever thought of going on a social media detox or completely let your phone be away from you for a day? If you have had the thought but weren’t able to act on it, this article will give you reasons, which in the wake of realizing you would want to try out too.

I spent a day without the internet, and it was a day full of exciting tasks. It was only a for a day and was able to notice the impactful changes. So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

You Feel More Connected to the Reality

Internet is a blessing in disguise, and while it is extremely useful, sometimes it is important to take breaks. When the internet is on, we are more active than usual. We talk, work, reply to emails, and do other things that require a phone and an internet connection. We are so busy doing these things that we often disconnect ourselves with reality, like enjoying a warm cup of coffee while reading your favourite book or just cuddling with your dog, a peaceful walk enjoying nature or just seeing the sunset. While you may feel disconnected from the world, a day without the internet brings you closer to your little world.

You Are More Productive

Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones which makes our focus divert from the real tasks lined up for the day. Some of us have even exchanged the term “leisure time” with being on our phones to relax, and this may not be so good. With no internet, you will notice you have so much time in a day that you can complete your important tasks, relax, take a small nap, and do the things you have ignored like working out, reading, writing, dancing, basically anything and everything you loved. You keep completing tasks one after the other, making use of most of your time while enjoying your day!

Helps You Sleep Like a Baby

Baby Sleeping

While some people may have mastered the skill of limiting their screen-on time and getting ready for bed on time, many of us could not. Most of us are so engaged in using our smart devices when we go to bed that we end-up using them till midnight, losing track of time and not taking the proper 8-hour sleep that our body requires to function. A day without the internet is what makes you realise how sleep is essential, and getting off your phone before your bedtime is vital.

If you haven’t tried the No Internet day yet, go ahead, try it and share your experience with the community.

What do you think?

Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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