9 Habits You Must Adopt In Your 20s For A Lifetime Of Bliss

Your 20’s are that time of your life when you are neither too young to care about habits nor too old to pick up new habits. The habits you make in your 20s set you up for a more fulfilling and successful life ahead. It is also the time of your life when you have a lot of goals in every sphere of your being. While it is okay to enjoy yourself in the ’20s, you must start certain habits which take you closer to your goals in both personal as well as professional life. Here are the 10 habits we think you should adopt which would take care of your health, productivity, and personal development.

Check in with your primary care doctor once in 6 months

Most of the people do not go for regular checkups. They visit their doctor only when something comes up. However, with so many diseases like cancer, PCOD becoming common, you need to be extra alert when it comes to your health. Check in with your primary care doctor at least once a year if not in 6 months.

Take at least 7 hours of sleep daily

People in their 20s work hard and party even harder, which leaves them with a little or no time for rest. Whether you are working overtime or pulling an all nighter, sleep is of utmost importance. Barring a few days, make sure that most of the days, you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Find out exercises which you enjoy and do them regularly

Everyone knows how much beneficial it is to work out regularly but somehow people fail to slip workouts into their daily routines. If anything, they keep postponing them. When we talk about workouts, people conjure up images of hitting the treadmill in a gym. The fact of the matter is that not everyone enjoys gymming. All you got to do is to find what you love doing. It can be swimming, yoga, sports, dancing, etc. Find one thing you love and stick to it.

Learn to cook a couple of healthy dishes that you love

It is always worth your time and dime to learn cooking. Start off with a few healthy dishes that you absolutely love. This way, you would make sure that you can feed yourself some healthy food whenever they is no one around to cook for you instead of ending up ordering something unhealthy off swiggy. It would also save you some money.

Wear sunscreen every-time you go out in sun

Slather the exposed areas of your body with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from aging and also cancer. Make it a habit.

Read one book every month

Books have the wisdom of ages contained in a bunch of pages. They help you to learn from the wisdom of others. Reading one book a month would help you to gain knowledge on a topic of your interest. In case you want to go for fiction, stories do help your imagination take shape. A good story is a great stress booster too.

Dedicate at least 5 hours each week learning a new skill

The 20s is a perfect time for you to start honing your skills to make sure that you are on top of everything when it comes to your professional life.

Make meditation a daily habit

20s can be pretty stressful as most of the people are focusing on carving a name for themselves in their field. Many times, stress and anxiety take over and people are left feeling exhausted. Meditation mitigates the symptoms of stress and anxiety while giving a boost to your productivity.

Do one selfless deed every week

Doing a selfless would make you feel a lot better about yourself. Make it a habit to do one selfless deed every week. It can be donating some money to a charity, teaching underprivileged children or whatever you feel you should do.

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