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9 Best Places to Buy Furnishing in India

From thrifting markets, online sites to premium stores, we’ve covered the major places from across the country. 

9 Best Places to Buy Furnishing in India

Moving into a new house and need home decor of your dreams? Look no more because we have created a list of places for you to buy the best furnishing. We know how stressful getting a new home and dealing with moving can be, and then looking for home decor can add to the list of headaches. You can shop a wide choice of furniture markets in India to fulfil your various wants. 

There are so many possibilities that you will be able to ease not only your demand for furnishings but also the financial burden of designing a new home. From thrifting markets, online sites to premium stores, we’ve covered the major places from across the country. 

So, whether you are shopping for an office, your home, or any space, the below-listed furniture places will make your abode comfortable, be a reason for your neighbours’ envy, and above all, will be welcoming and homely!

1. Shagun Arts, Sardarshahar Rajasthan 

Shagun Arts is a Rajasthan-based wooden furniture company. This company sells handcrafted hardwood furniture all around the country. Sardarshahar, a small village in Rajasthan, is where the brand’s primary manufacturing centre is located. The extremely dry environment aids in preventing the furnishings from absorbing any unwanted moisture. When compared to a humid environment, the dryness also aids in carving off the wood more precisely. This is one of the top places to shop furnishing from. 

2. Wood Dekor, Rajasthan

Wood Dekor, Rajasthan
Source: Wood Dekor

If you are a fan of all-wood decor in your home, then this place is made for you. Wood Dekor was created by two friends, Jai and Rahul, as a 1200 square foot boutique in Rajasthan, the country’s ethnic capital. The company has expanded to include locations around Europe. Their brand mission is to create exceptional living and working environments with the most basic of designs. Consumers around the country have given the brand high marks.

Click here to browse at their online store.

3. Naveen Arts Furniture, Sardarshahar, Rajasthan

Naveen Arts Furniture
Source: naveenarts

Naveen arts furniture store is one of India’s most well-known furniture brands. Its origins can be traced back to Rajasthan’s Sardarshahar. The business has been verified as having lab-tested furniture and furnishings, which means that all products offered by Naveen Arts furniture are first tested at their workhouse to ensure that they do not fail consumers once they begin using them. They feature a wide range of brightly coloured racks and shelves. They also provide online services that deliver your dream furniture to your homes with just a click. The ease of access, price, and options add to the brand’s credibility and status in the market. 

Click here to browse at their online store.

4. Banjara Market, Gurugram

One of the most famous furnishing markets known all across the country is Banjara Market. People from all walks of life come and shop for their houses. This market is called after Gurgaon’s hippies, known as ‘Banjaras.’ For the furniture that is sold and bought, the banjaras here use a barter system. This market is a true shopper’s paradise, with everything from bars, dining tables, and cupboards to rocking chairs, wooden frames, and even beds. This market attracts individuals from every stratum of society, including diplomats, businesspeople, housewives, and ex-pats. You can bargain and get pieces at an affordable range here, hence letting you shop at your heart’s content. 

5. Oshiwara Street Market, Mumbai

The Oshiwara market, which dates back nearly half a century, is one of the greatest places to find genuine wooden furniture. This is one of the country’s oldest markets, where antique wooden furniture from all around the country may be found. Each item has an intriguing backstory, which you can read about here. Originals and copies of furniture pieces from the grand palaces of Gwalior and Bhopal can be found in this bazaar. If you enjoy antiques and history, this market should be on your list of places to visit.

6. Jew Town, Cochin

Pay a visit to the renowned Jew market in Cochin if you enjoy antiques and prefer an old-fashioned aesthetic. Bronze pots, hand-carved wooden coffee tables, Chinese wooden boxes, glass paintings, and a variety of other souvenirs can be found here in the Portuguese style. Many of the dealers here specialize in antiques from the British era, as well as some fine glass and porcelain. This market is still known for its distinctive products as well as its ancient Jewish charm. The presence of various cafés and snack stores adds to the appeal of the area, making it a popular hangout spot for many people. You can have an amazing day out at this place where you can shop and can rest and eat at a cafe if you get tired. 

7. Kitsch Mandi, Bengaluru

Kitsch Mandi is a new market that promotes emerging and new designers in a variety of sectors. It’s one of the liveliest flea markets you’ll find anywhere in the country. A thing you should keep in mind while shopping from here is since it’s a flea market and the prices are low, there’s a chance of the presence of damaged goods in the pile. Be careful while picking up your pieces. If you’re tired of going to the mall to buy furniture, come to this lively market to locate a diverse assortment of home décor and furniture. 

8. Êtreluxe, Delhi

If luxury is your thing, then this premium store would be like a dream for you. Êtreluxe is a force to be reckoned with as a high-end, ultra-luxurious furnishings store that will cater to your every want and fancy. This establishment offers entire bath, living room, kitchen, and dining solutions that are magnificent and perfect, ranging from French grills to upper-crust European furnishings. Take a look at their collection; you’ll be blown away!

9. Good Earth, online store

Well, nobody can deny the comfort and ease of access an online store provides to us whenever we feel lazy or have no time to go offline shopping. Hence, exploring a good furnishing website can be the best option. In any home, there is no such thing as too much Good Earth. Every connoisseur’s radar is always on the lookout for a well-known sustainable luxury brand. With the press of a button, you can feed your addiction and create your decorate your heavenly abode. Their Illankai collection, hand block printed on organic cotton, a series of beautiful bedlinens is a bestseller. From home textiles like cushions and bedsheet covers to ancient vases and dining, this store provides everything. That’s why it is a standout among our list of the greatest Indian interior design websites.

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