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9 Best Places to Buy Diwali Faral

Faraal refers to all appetising snacks and sweets made during Diwali and distributed to family and friends.

Diwali Faral Buy Sweets

Faral is synonymous with Diwali in every Maharashtrian household, just as colours are with Holi. Faraal refers to all appetising snacks and sweets made during Diwali and distributed to family and friends. Homes are filled with the fragrant aromas of besan ladoos, crunchy chaklis being fried, and delectable chivda being made two to three weeks before Diwali.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of hectic schedules and fatigue, no one has the time or even the means to make Diwali faraal in the city on their own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little nostalgia now and then.

We have listed the nine best places to buy Diwali Faral for you:

1. Panshikar

Panshikar, located in the heart of Dadar, has been selling high-quality sweetmeats and savoury faral since 1956. Panshikar, in keeping with the times, now sells faral online to over 50 countries. They began making Diwali Faral Hampers in 2006, which include sweet and savoury faral, diyas, and chandan soap for that auspicious Diwali morning bath.

2. Chitale bandhu

Since 1965, this veteran has been perfecting the art of making sweets, snacks, and other confectionaries. It’s impossible to go wrong with it. They’ve mastered Maharashtrian flavours and ventured into the palettes of other cultures, from their signature bhakarwadi to all Maharashtrian sweets like coconut barfi, mango burfi, and dink ladu. Chitale Bandhu has the ideal Diwali faral for you.

3. Medha’s kitchen

Medha’s Kitchen is one of the best places in Thane to get home-cooked Diwali faraal. She has ruled the roost in Thane for the past 15 years with incredible quality faraal. The best part about her kitchen is that they deliver all over the world. They have a variety of packages from which to choose and place an order. Get home-cooked and delicious faraal delivered to your door!

4. Kulkarni Brothers

This Dombivali establishment, which was established around 60 years ago, may not be as popular as the ones in Dadar, but they definitely deliver when it comes to the authentic taste of Faral. They are well-known for their crispy sumptuous Karanji, but they also make some delicious Sajuk Tup Jalebis.

5. Desai Bandhu

Desai Bandhu, known for its mango-centric products, also accepts faral orders. They also prepare a variety of Maharashtrian dishes such as chaklis, chivdas, ladoos, barfis, and many others. These guys price their faral by the kilogramme. Prices for a 200 gm package of regular karanjee begin at INR 80.

6. Family stores

Visit Family Stores if you’re looking for readymade faraal as well as ingredients to make your faraal for Diwali. This store, run by the Joshi family, sells all things Maharashtrian when it comes to food. You must try their kadbolis, which are as crunchy as they come! They also make seasonal treats, with a focus on Diwali.

7. Chanderkar sweets

This entire 71-year foundation is built on the storey of a humble man who supplied sweets at Mumbai’s mill canteens and rose to the title of ‘Ladoo Samraat’ years later due to the massive laddoo made by his youngest son, which he proudly displayed in front of his popular Worli shop. They offer Diwali hampers at very reasonable prices that include shipping. So, if you’re feeling generous and want to boost the Diwali calories of relatives and friends all over the world, you know where to go.

8. Bikanerwala

Throughout the year, this brand is infamous for serving up some of the most incredible variety of namkeen and sweet-meats. A long line has formed outside every store in preparation for Diwali. Bikanerwala has some ready-made, one-of-a-kind gift packs available for you to give to your loved ones.

9. Dadu’s sweet shop

Even if Dadu’s doesn’t have many options for authentic faral, Diwali in Pune isn’t total without a box of mithais from Dadu’s Sweet Emporio. You will find motichoor ladoos, malai pedas in various flavours, barfis, and much more, with a large variety to choose from (so you can now excuse the age-old kaju-katli). They also offer Diwali education.

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Written by Kavya

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