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8 Ways to Own A Mini Dress Like A Boss!

We gathered ideas from our favourite fashion people so you can keep your easy, carefree wardrobe while also pulling some tricks out of your sleeve that happens to get you noticed while walking down the street.

Mini Dress
Source: Oasisfashion,macys, forever21

Mini dresses are fantastic. You obviously know that your minidress is a good fit for you, and when you bought it, you probably imagined it with specific accessories that you already own. But what if we challenged you this season to mix it up so that your minidress outfit doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s? We gathered ideas from our favourite fashion people so you can keep your easy, carefree wardrobe while also pulling some tricks out of your sleeve that happens to get you noticed while walking down the street.

1.Wear it with heels

Because the mini dress draws attention to the woman’s legs, why not enhance them with a great pair of heels? Traditional high heels are typically chosen, but creativity is certainly possible. Platform heels are recommended because they balance out proportions and make the woman look even sexier.

2.Combine it with a leather jacket

Mini Dress with a leather jacket
Source: Oasisfashion

Complement your sweet dress with a macho outer layer. Put on your favourite mini dress and pair it with a black leather jacket and lace-up boots. To keep the look edgy, add some small sunglasses and a handbag. Put on some spiked jewellery to really finish off this look.

3.Combine it with knee-high boots

Mini dress with knee-high boots
Source: fashionbunker

On a night out, this look is sure to turn heads. Put on your mini dress and pair it with knee-high or thigh-high boots to display off your legs just a little bit. Covering up your legs when you’re attempting to show them off may seem counterintuitive, but this attire will actually draw attention to the area of skin that you’ve decided to expose. To keep the rest of your outfit simple, wear this look with a jacket and a handbag.

4.Underneath, wear a t-shirt

Underneath wear a t-shirt
Source: forever21

Not every occasion necessitates a glitzy appearance. Put on a solid-colored cap-sleeve T-shirt, then layer on your mini dress. Instead of a sheer or mesh top, go for a mesh or sheer top to make this look more modern. For a cute and casual look, pair your outfit with ankle boots and small hoop earrings. If you want to make a statement, pair a solid-colored mini dress with an animal print tee.

5.Combine it with stockings

Mini Dress with stockings

Many people avoid wearing short dresses because their legs aren’t perfectly shaped. Short dresses are very cute and sexy when the legs are toned and in good shape. However, if you believe your legs are too short for a short dress, you can always wear stockings underneath and still carry the dress well. This will help you get rid of your worries, boost your confidence, and allow you to wear all of your favourite short dresses.

6.Wear with a shrug

Mini Dress with a shrug

If you don’t want to expose too much skin, bring a cover-up with you, such as a shrug. If you don’t want to wear the low cut dress to the after party, cover ups are an excellent last-minute solution. Simply take them out of your handbag and put them on. You will not only have a completely different appearance, but you will also be more comfortable.

7.Pair it with a mini handbag

Pair mini dress with a mini handbag

Although we frequently check the length of our dress hem, we should also consider the drop of our bag. A bag that hits your lower back can cause your dress to ride up, leaving you feeling naked. Consider pairing your mini with a mini handbag. They were made for each other.

8.Wear it with your favourite jewellery

You’ve chosen your dress, but it’s the jewellery that will make or break your ensemble. It’s a huge night, and you want to make a big impression, but based on what you’re wearing, a jewelled belt or bold cuff may be a better option than your favourite go-to piece. And, whether you’d like to wear a little or a lot of jewellery, you want to ensure that the emphasis is placed correctly.

It’s not difficult to tell if someone is uncomfortable in their clothing. Don’t make it clear that you dislike your body. Respect your appearance and you will feel more confident about yourself. Remember that being self-conscious will not make you enjoy wearing a short dress nor will it make you look good. If you are unsure, try wearing shapewear underneath the dress.

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