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8 Successful Indian Female Game Streamers

Not only playing, but women are also actively participating and leading the design and development of video, web, and mobile games. The statistics prove the potential female gamers have and the future they hold for the gaming industry.

Girls Online Gaming 8 Successful Indian Female Game Streamers

Women have been excelling in all the fields of life and the gaming industry is no different. While the general audience may think that the gaming industry is dominated by men, women in the gaming industry have been creating a mark and reaching the top of the ladder constantly.

Not only playing, but women are also actively participating and leading the design and development of video, web, and mobile games. The statistics show the potential female gamers have and the future they hold for the gaming industry.

Continue reading to know about the best Indian female game streamers, players, potential, and platforms of the gaming industry and streaming.


In the mobile gaming sector, women account for 63 per cent of all players, 60 per cent of them play every day, and they spend more money than males. Men, on the other hand, account for 37% of mobile gamers, with 47% of them playing daily (based on Forbes). When we look at these figures on a global scale, we can see that women account for over half of all players.

Women, in particular, make up a large percentage of online gamers in Asian countries, where female gamers are on the rise. As per the study conducted by Indian mobile advertising business InMobi in Q1 2021, India is the world’s fifth-largest mobile gaming market. The gaming industry in India is currently valued at $930 mn and is estimated to grow at 41% each year. There are over 560 million online gamers and over 250 million mobile gamers in India

Game Streaming Platforms and Audience

YouTube gaming has become increasingly popular among India’s youth. Twitch, on the other hand, is still a seasoned veteran, with roughly 140 million active users by 2021. Meanwhile, because of the pandemic, Meta’s Facebook Gaming, which started in 2018, has experienced a 530 per cent increase in viewing in India over the last year, with over 234 million gaming sessions logged in the last several months.

Overall Size and Potential of Women in the Gaming Industry

In 2023, the video game business is anticipated to be worth $200 billion worldwide, with an increasingly diversified audience driving much of the investment. The occurrence of the Covid 19 pandemic added to the factor that more and more people were attracted to gaming and streaming. The popularity of first-person shooter multiplayer online games such as PUBG (now BGMI in India), Free Fire, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite, and others have risen. Brands have huge potential to reach a desirable audience in an undervalued environment, especially since that gaming is no longer a niche pastime for women. It has become a viable career option and many Indian women are also choosing this as their calling.

More notable women in business positions have emerged as a result of the surge in female representation in gaming. Some of these accomplished women have effectively opened the path for even more female representation in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable and impressive Indian female gamers.

8 Successful Indian Female Game Streamers:

1. Aparna Shukla aka Rog Stream

Started by taking a loan to buy her gaming equipment, Kanpur-based Aparna Shukla aka Annie is one of the most popular Indian game-streamers. Aparna, a 26-year-old gaming content maker, wants to share her enthusiasm for new games with her audience and intends to play every single game in her league. She creates content for unboxings, collaborations with other gamers, and branding, among other things. With her abilities, she acquired a large audience in a short period. She enjoys connecting with the audience and joking around with her fans. On her Facebook Gaming channel “Rogstream,” she presently has over 2.4 million followers.

2. Kangkana Talukdar aka Mystic Ignite

Kangkana is from Guwahati, Assam, and started game-streaming in 2019 becoming the youngest female gamer from India. Kangkana aka Mystic Ignite is a 22-year-old gaming content creator who aspires to be one of India’s finest female esports players, and she can often be found playing games with her fans. She is a talkative person, so one of her friends advised that she stream and engage with the public because she enjoys being amusing most of the time, and this advice proved to be the trigger for her career advancement. On her Facebook Gaming channel, she presently has 68,000 followers. Kangkana is the country’s first female Facebook collaborator. Click here to check out her Facebook gaming channel

3. Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming

Payal Dhare is the most popular Indian female content creator and streamer on YouTube. She is also one of India’s most talented female players. In practically every season, she was the highest-ranked BGMI player. This 21-year-old girl has 876K Instagram followers and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers. She’s been gaming for two years and is frequently spotted playing with some of India’s top players, such as Scout, Mortal, and Mavi.

4. Pooja Khatri

Pooja Khatri is a content creator and streamer from India. Pooja has a history of acting and modelling. She’s appeared in several serials and television shows, including Ichha Pyari Naagin, CID, and Sankat Mochan Hanuman. One of the reasons for her amazing success could be because the gamer from Delhi adores online gaming and is often interacting with her admirers. Her YouTube channel has 689K subscribers. In terms of gaming, she is frequently seen playing PUBG, but she also enjoys GTA 5, Among Us, and War Zone.

5. Sanjana Bhattacharya aka iamBLACKHORSE

Sanjana Bhattacharya has been a YouTube video creator and streamer for the past four years. On YouTube, iamBLACKHORSE has over 183K subscribers. “I love to call them my team black fam. My subscribers are my biggest supporters and they encourage me every day to get up and work 2 times harder than the previous day,” Sanjana explains.

6. Shagufta Iqbal aka Xyaa

Shagufta “Xyaa” Iqbal is a gaming YouTuber and live streamer from India. She began playing computer games at the age of 12 and was India’s first renowned female gamer. Her Youtube channel has over 269 thousand subscribers, and she has 117 thousand Instagram followers. She also streams on Twitch with a variety of games such as PUBG, CS: GO, and Overwatch. On her feeds, she’s frequently seen alongside her dog, Alita. Logitech, Intel, and HP are among her partners. She’s one of the few Indian streamers who dabbles in a variety of games and has a sizable PC game following.

7. Anjali Roy aka Unicorn IB

Anjali is a 21-year-old gaming content creator who enjoys trying out new games and communicating with her followers. She has proven to be an excellent role model for female gamers. Despite being subjected to online bullying in the gaming world, she continues to develop with the help of her family and friends. On her Facebook Gaming channel, she presently has 209k followers.

8. Shazia Ayub aka Mysterious YT

” Mysterious YT ” Shazia Ayub, also known as Mysterious YT (or simply Mysty) on YouTube, is an Indian gaming YouTuber who primarily live-streams PUBG. I was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. This Interior Designer by trade and gamer by passion reads her 331K-subscriber Youtube channel. She’s been streaming for two years, mostly PUBG, and she’s had a lot of giveaways. Shazia began playing games like Mario and Road Rash while she was in elementary school, and she just left her job as an interior designer to pursue her passion for gaming full-time.

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