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8 Good Friday Celebration Ideas

Good Friday is a day of hope. It is a day when we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, and Black Friday are all names for the same day. Three days before Easter Sunday, Good Friday is observed.

Good Friday Himan Standing beside crucifix statue
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Good Friday is a day of hope. It is a day when we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Mercy, peace, and love. May the grace and Lord surround and be with you on Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian festival that commemorates Christ’s crucifixion and death at Mount. It is remembered as part of the Paschal Tritium during Easter Weekend. Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, and Black Friday are all names for the same day. Three days before Easter Sunday, Good Friday is observed. Christ is said to have arisen from the grave and returned for the forgiveness of his supporters’ transgressions. The day is known as Easter because Jesus assured their eternity in heaven.

Easter India 2013

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The major Good Friday liturgy at the Cathedral is normally held in the evenings. Carols are performed in commemoration of the Death of Christ, Good Friday prayers are said, and the Priest/Minister usually offers a sermon about the meaning of the Good Friday rituals. The Eucharistic prayer is missing, and the catholic audience is fed the preceding day’s supper. Good Friday services are generally performed at the noon at the Churches in India. Parades are held in several areas, such as Daman, Goa, and Diu, to commemorate Christ’s sacrifice to save humanity. Good Friday is also known as ‘Sacred Friday,’ ‘Passive Friday,’ ‘Easter Friday,’ or ‘Great Friday’ in certain nations.

The cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of deepest descent, universal distribution and eternal duration. -Dr. Fred Barlow rightly quoted this.

1. The first step is to pray

Offer your prayers and condolences to all those who have died on this day. Prayers for those who are currently struggling for their life and offer support to those in need. Also, consider people who need your mercy just let go of any grievances one may have. Good Friday is a day that people pardon them and then let go of all of the pessimism that has had for them.

2. Pop down to Your Neighborhood Church

One can begin their day by taking their family to the neighborhood chapel. On Good Friday, there is typically a Holy Eucharist in the Church.
When people are unable to join the Chapel, pray alongside with their parents instead. At 3.00 pm, you might like to stop what you’re doing and pray, as that’s when folks say Christ died. Cease why you’re doing it at 3:00 p.m. if you haven’t gone to Mass. and, if at all possible, pray during this moment for peace.

3. Wearing black is a rite of passage

Black is frequently associated with melancholy and sorrow. Wear black and encourage your families to do so as well.

4. Candles should be ignited

Lighting represents a beacon of sunshine in the darkness. Praise The lord for protecting yourself and your family safe and healthy during difficult times by lighting candles with your loved ones.

5. Don’t Use Social Networking sites unnecessarily

Good Friday isn’t exactly a day to rejoice about. It’s more of a day to lament and grieve. So, instead of looking through Instagram, watching A movie, or doing internet purchases, one can use this day to stay away from frivolous objects and situations.

6. Sustain Your Fast

On either hand, certain people observe a fast on Good Friday. Other people don’t eat at all, while others consume only a small amount of food. If you’re young, eating moderately can be a great choice. Whether people fear that they will not be able to go out without eating, devour one meal in a tiny portion. If you and your family are not fasting, sit down and pray with them before eating your first meal together.

7. Cleaning promotes mental clarity

One can clean their entire house together with family as one and infuse their home with new joy and happiness. Working at home will also assist them in preparing for Easter.

8. Together, make cookies

good friday cookies

So along with their family , one can make cookies. Additionally, can prepare a big batch and give the remainder away to folks who are in need. This has been the most effective way of providing service. The major purpose of this day is to spread positivism and inspire people to believe in mankind.

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.


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