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8 Ganpati Makhar Ideas To Welcome Lord Ganesha

Ganeshotsav décor is an important element of this celebration, thus people decorate their homes in a variety of lovely ways.

Ganpati Makhar Thermocol

Ganesh Chaturthi will see the arrival of Ganpati Bappa among his devotees for a complete ten days. Devotees have practically finished all of the preparations for the arrival of their beloved Ganpati Bappa in this situation. A lovely Makhar and throne have been prepared for Ganapati Bappa. Ganeshotsav décor is an important element of this celebration, thus people decorate their homes in a variety of lovely ways. If you haven’t yet decorated Makhar and the throne, we have some great Ganpati Makhar ideas for you:

1.Fruits and Flowers

We can safely say that no Pooja is complete without flowers, fruits, and more flowers and fruits! What if we told you that this natural touch will boost your mandap decorating and how? The appropriate colour, size, and location of flowers and fruits are critical in improving the beauty of the makahar.

Flower Decoration For Ganpati
Source: pinterest@bloomsdelivery

2.Ganpati Decoration Using Papers and Mirrors

Another idea for Ganpati decoration is to make something remarkable out of colourful papers and mirror work. Without a doubt, creativity shines brightest on paper! So, get out those colourful chart papers from your closed bookshelves and make some brilliant floral patterns and forms, then adorn them with mirrors to add beauty to your imagination.

Ganpati Decoration Using Papers and Mirrors
Source: pinterest@snehruh

3.Makhar and Thermocol

Ganpati Makhar Thermocol

Another Ganpati decoration idea is to use thermocol. To make it look more appealing, you can design some beautiful flowers on the thermocol and use the fluorescent sheet colour. You can use eye-catching and creative flowers made of thermocol and coloured sheets to attract the attention of visitors at this Ganpati festival.

4.LED Lighting

Ganpati Makhar led lights makhar

LED lights can greatly improve your Ganpati mandap arrangements. You can choose from a variety of LED lights on the market. To illuminate your mandap decoration, we recommend choosing ones in vivid colours. LED lights are both soft and powerful enough to illuminate the entire room.


cardboard ganpati makhar

You can go with cardboards or mount boards for Ganpati decoration. With the cardboards, create some eye-catching and innovative designs, such as the ‘Ganpati Darbar.’ Using the mount boards, you can create a beautiful and eye-catching ‘darbar’ to house the Ganpati murti. Make sure to use light colours when colouring or decorating the Ganpati’s darbar to ensure it’s attractive.


Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration
Source: pinterest@godrejinterio

Alternatively, you can use the dupatta to decorate the darbar. To give the illusion of curtains, hang the dupatta behind the Ganesh Murti. This is a simple and creative decoration theme for Ganesh Chaturthi.

7.Paper Flowers and Lights

Ganpati Makhar paper flowers and lights

The colourful and appealing flowers made from papers are unquestionably a fantastic idea for Ganpati décor ideas. Play with colourful and fluorescent papers and sheets to astonish people with the flowers decorative idea. You can complement this beauty by decorating it with lovely lights. What do you think of the combination of flowers and lights on Ganpati decoration?

8.Mandap made of wool

Ganpati Makhar woolen

If you have a small Ganesha, this is the one for you. You can make this small temple yourself using paper, wool, and decorative materials that are readily available or that you have lying around the house. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the end result.

Other Eco Friendly options

Ganpati decorative makhar

Ganpati Makhar Flower Decoration:

Gaanpati Makhar flower decoration

There are a lot of eco-friendly options out there that look stunning and could possibly be reused next year.

What do you think?

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