8 Best Classic Gender-Bender Flicks To Watch

What would it seem like to be someone else? This mystery is sort of the foundation for all fictions ever, from romantic parodies to space librettos, since they are all about tracking the adventures of someone in times you would presumably never find yourself in.

Body switch/Gender bender films are possibly some of the most enjoyable, yet highly underrated films to ever grace the film screens. They are mild tales of people shifting forms, often to hilarious effect when they have to live the other person’s life. Then there’s the viewpoint of how are they going to turnaround the situation they find themselves in. And suddenly you have those kinds of films that join the unbelievable.

Sometimes the actors solely bump into one another. Other times they get something that works as a channel to make the switch occur. Then there are those times where the artists become other characters simply because that’s just what makes sense for the story that a distinct director is narrating. The comic break that befalls is an appended bonus. These movies feature cross dressers with humorous timing.

There are films with body bartering ideas, films where guys profess to be girls and vice versa. There are films where women seize the identity of men to withstand pressure. A lot of messages are sought after in these movies. This list does its best to see which gender switch movies are justifying your time.

1. Nuns on The Run

Storyline: A British parody flick released in 1990. Two hoodlums escape after their chief has been murdered and their mafia in turmoil. They seek refuge in a nunnery and adopts the characters of nuns in order to survive. What happens next is absolute and unfettered chaos. This confusion justifies your attention, and so does this drama!

2. She’s The Man

Storyline: She’s The Man is a fun roller coaster. A teenager named Viola tries to convince the students at her twin brother’s school that she’s actually him in this twist on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

3. Like Father, Like Son

Storyline: No awards for speculating who’s swapping with whom in this mostly-forgotten 80s drama. Dad Jack and his son Chris are interchanged via telepathic mind transference potion. Outcomes are just mild embarrassment, as Chris’ reputation at school takes a hit, and Jacks standing among his co-workers correspondingly drops. But it’s all okay in the end.

4. Wish Upon a Star

Storyline: older sister Alexia and her nerdy younger sister Hayley mistakenly swap roles by wishing on a shooting star. These squabbling siblings try to create trouble for one another by donning absurd outfits and harassing their friends. But since wish-granting stars are easy to come by, they don’t have to spend long in the wrong frames.

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