7 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Pet Dogs

Encourage positive dog behaviour in your pet by using a praise and reward system.

Raising a dog is no game and it comes with a set of responsibility that every pet parent has to adhere to. Training is a part of raising your fur babies and sometimes we have to take extra measures to make sure our pet’s behaviour is positive in all situations. No matter how much you love them, sometimes you also have to school them to teach them which part of their behaviour will be unacceptable.

Training and encouraging your dog towards positive behaviour should be taken care of when they are puppies. Younger dogs learn quickly and adapt to rules more hastily than older dogs. We are here to help you save time and energy by making sure you adapt to the ways that work the best in encouraging positive behaviour in your dog. 

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Here are Seven Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Pet Dogs

1. Socialize Your Pet 

As a pet parent make sure that you are socializing your pet enough. Make them meet other family members, people and dogs to make them familiar with the outside world. Dogs must know how to behave not only in private but also in public. This way dogs will be encouraged to behave calmly with people they don’t know and give themselves a little time to explore. For socializing you can also take your pet to the nearest park where he can both exercise and make new friends. This also drains your dog off the excess energy and makes them less anxious, and hyperactive. 

2. Appreciate When They Show Positive Behaviour 

One of the most important things to encourage positive behaviour is to recognize when they are being done and give you furry companion the appreciation they deserve. This lets them know that they have done a nice thing and this behaviour will not only be accepted but also rewarded. Make sure you reward them with treats or lots of affection when they do a good thing. Constantly recognizing and praising them for their good behaviour will encourage them for more and make them feel extra special. All pets love to be assured that they are being good. 

3. Spend Quality Time Together

When you spent ample time with your pet they feel wanted and loved and reciprocate with mutual feelings. It is always a good idea to involve all family members and use this as a bonding technique with your pet. Just like humans, dogs hate being ignored and crave for your undivided attention and will keep seeking it until they get it. Feelings of love and affection encourage positive behaviour in your fur babies. 

4. Practice Forgiveness

Our fur babies can sometimes misbehave or destroy things just for fun. To teach them that they have made a mistake and this behaviour is unacceptable, make sure you don’t use the policy of punishment. Punishing or yelling can make things worse. Whenever your dog commits a mistake try to put across in a calm manner that you have forgiven him and ignore when you disapprove something they have done. This way they pick on behaviours acceptable by you. Try to be patient with your dog as much as possible to teach encourage positive behaviour the right way. 

5. Look after Their Diet and Routine 

For your dog to show signs of positive behaviour, it is important that they have a set routine and are having nutritious meals. When your dog is functioning under a routine they know what to expect out of their day and this makes them calm. Eating right is also very important as it keeps your pet’s mood in check. Eating wrong can affect their behaviour and make them more anxious or hyperactive. Make sure that their meal timings are fixed and they aren’t being fed anything extra or wrong that may disrupt their diet. 

6. Encourage Them to Relax 

Sometimes our fur babies feel anxious or become hyperactivity due to external or internal reasons. One of the ways to encourage relaxing and positive behaviour is by showing them that you appreciate when they are calm. Whenever they behave this way its best to avoid communicating with them in any manner. Go and reward them when you see them being calm and relaxed. This puts forward rules about what you accept and what you don’t. 

7. Make Other Family Members a Part of This

Training them or encouraging them for positive behaviour need not be made boring. You can take help from your family members and encourage them to take part in this too. This will not only make your dog familiar with their presence but also let them have command over your dog. If you have kids at home they can take your dog to the park to play games and exercise, others can use the necessary commands and reward them whenever required. 

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